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Greg Batista, South Florida’s top concrete and structural engineer. 

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Serving Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida

Greg Batista, South Florida’s top concrete and structural engineer.

What you need to know about concrete repair!

Greg Batista explains how to repair concrete spalls, why it’s important, and how to avoid a big problem.

Concrete repair is a fact of life for an old building.    This is especially true for buildings in South Florida.  The “salt air” is the main reason for this concrete failure.   To put it another way, the chlorides in the air make their way into the concrete.  Consequently, the rebar inside the concrete rusts and expands.  As a result, the concrete cracks and ruptures.  This breach is called a “spall”.   These spalls are considered a failure and can lead to a collapse.  For this reason, Cities and Counties in South Florida take these matters very seriously.

The picture shown here is an actual spall. The classical spalled concrete will show the reinforcing steel (or “rebar“) once the concrete comes loose.

Now that there is an expanding piece of steel inside the concrete, it will only be a matter of time until the concrete breaks. This rupture causes both small and large pieces of concrete to become dislodged. Those detached pieces of concrete is the spall itself. Needless to say, concrete spalls are potentially dangerous and even life-threatening. On high-rise buildings they can damage properties below or even make contact with a person. Spalling concrete should be repaired as soon as possible since it will spread and get worse. Eventually, the rusting rebar will render the structure unsafe.

When the original builder installs the rebar inside the concrete, it is typically in a pristine condition. That rebar has a protective layer that is called the “passivation layer”. Coastal areas have high concentration of salts (chlorides) that penetrate the concrete through microscopic hole in the concrete. Next, these salts come into contact with the steel and damages the protective “passivation layer” on the rebar. When this protective layer is gone, the rusting process will begin and will continue over time. At this point there is very little one can do to stop the rusting.

There have been many instances where structural collapses have occurred and people have been severely hurt as a result. Spalling concrete is a sign that your structure is under attack and this sign should not be ignored. Many people kick the can down the road and leave the repairs for a future date. The old adage of “a stitch in time saves nine” is most certainly true. A concrete repair that costs $1,000 today, will cost $10,000 a few years from now.

In reality, there is very little one can do to avoid any spalling to happen in a structure. However, if one follows a typical building maintenance routine, the chances that spalling can be found and identified increases. Buildings that are painted frequently and are maintained suffer the least from this malady.

Surfside Building Collapse

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Other serious issues

This includes waterproofing, roofing, and electrical items. In order to maintain our buildings safe, Cities have required that buildings undergo a 40 Year inspection. Nevertheless, the most costly repairs are typically those related to the concrete restoration. Thus, hiring the right person to help you is critical if you want to do things right the first time.

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Over the years, we have performed concrete restoration projects in South Florida. Therefore, we know what your main concern is – cost. Our company is focused to prepare you for what is potentially a long, complicated, and costly process. Our in-house engineers and managers can provide you with the best road map to a successful project.

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GB, E&C has both seasoned and licensed Engineers and Contractors on staff. We are not only an established and well-known engineering firm that specializes in concrete repair, but we also have our in-house construction team. Additionally, we are licensed and bonded to $20,000,000.

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