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Building Inspections

We offer a variety of Building Inspections from Structural Building Inspections such as the Milestone Inspection, Building Safety Inspection program, and Structural Integrity Reserve Study. As one of the most reputable Building Inspectors in Florida, we have over 100 years of combined experience in the field. Not only can we provide you with the best value but we have a 100% success rate on Building Inspections and can provide you a quote within 24 Hours. Whether your building department is requiring a threshold inspection, your insurance company is requiring one, or you need an inspection based on Florida’s new condo laws we can help. We have listed all of the Building Inspections types we offer below with a brief description of each service. 


We provide a variety of Building Inspections including the Building Safety Inspections (40 year, 30 year, 25 year), Structural Integrity Reserve Studies, Special/Threshold Inspections, and General/Specific Inspections.

Types of Building Inspections

florida milestone inspection services

We specialize in Building Milestone Inspections (Also known as Building Safety Inspections) in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and Tampa. We can provide you with all types of Milestone Inspections including 30-year Building recertification, 25-year Building recertification, or 10-year recertification, we got you covered. Our experienced Building Inspectors can hep you with your Building Safety Inspections.

In accordance with Florida Senate Bill 4D which was signed into law in May 2022, the SIRS is one of the requirements you need to complete. We have decades of experience and are up to date with the latest Structural Integrity Reserve study and funding requirements. Our experienced team can help you to get fully compliant with this new statute. 

florida structural integrity reserve study
special inspections in florida

Special Inspections (or Threshold Inspections) are sometimes required by building departments when you are building or repairing existing structures. We provide special inspections (or Threshold Inspections) in these categories: reinforced masonry, insulating concrete, precast units and attachments, curtain walls, steel connections, and large trusses.

You might be curious whether a crack in your building may be hiding a serious problem or if it is just a superficial crack. You may also want to check the general condition of a structure. In this case, our General/Specific Inspection service can be used to provide you with a visual inspection by one of our experienced engineers. 

general structural inspections Florida


What types of Building Inspections do you provide?

There are several types of Building inspections we provide of which some are structural inspection and some are non structural inspections. Whether your building department is requiring you to pass a Building Safety inspection, your construction project requires a special or threshold inspection, you need a Structural Integrity Reserve study, or you are just curious about a crack in your building and would like a professional engineer’s to provide you with a quick visual inspection we are here to help. 

Lets go over the Building inspections we offer and what they entail. Below we have outlines these four types of inspections. 


As an award winning Engineering firm we specialize in all types of Building Inspections. One of the main Inspections we focus on our Building Safety Inspections as known as Milestone Inspections, 40 year inspections, 30 year inspections, 25 year inspections, and 10 year inspections. Our Building inspection company has helped thousands of Building Owners, Property Managers, and Associations to complete these tedious Building Inspections. 

These inspections are mandated by Florida and are part of the new Building Safety Inspection program. As Building Inspectors we can perform any time of inspection on your Building in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, and Duval.  Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach already had an inspection program known as the 40 year inspection in place prior to the new changes made to the Florida laws. 

Structural Integrity Reserve Study

The structural integrity reserve study is another inspection that is included in the new Florida Laws. So what is a SIRS (Structural Integrity Reserve Study)? This is an inspection that is carried out by a licensed Engineer or Architect who evaluates the existing condition of your building and calculates the projected cost to perform any maintenance or repairs required on your building. It is used so that Building Owners, Associations, and Property Managers can make sure there are sufficient funds available to perform this maintenance schedule. We have a Structural Integrity Reserve Study page which has more information regarding this program. 

General Structural Inspections AKA Visual Structural Inspection

As a Building Inspector in South Florida, we can inspect any crack or spall that you might like inspected. General Inspections are just random inspections that we can perform if you have a crack somewhere on your building that you are worried about. These inspections are not required but are performed based on the Building Owner or Property Manager’s need for a Structural Engineer to examine a certain area and make sure that there are no issues. 

These Visual structural inspections are carried out by an Engineer who specializes in Structural Inspections and can let you know whether the crack is compromising the structural integrity of your building or if it is just a superficial crack. If the crack is superficial then chances are that the masonry coat that covers the structure may have not been applied correctly or the wrong materials were used in its application. 

These inspections are not as costly as other inspections because they only inspect a specific area or crack. The cost of a general inspection starts at $450 and can increase based on the amount of cracks or spalls needing to be inspected. Due to our extensive experience, our Building Inspectors can quickly look at a crack or concrete spalling and determine the severity of the situation. 

Special Inspections and Threshold Inspections

Another type of inspection our Building Inspection company provides are special inspections and threshold inspections. These inspections are required by most Building Departments in order to pull a permit for your project. The special inspector reviews the Engineering plans for your project and ensures that the work that your contractor is performing is in line with the Engineering plans. A threshold inspection is a type of special inspection that focuses on larger Buildings or structures. 

So how do you know if you need a threshold inspection or a special inspection? Well according to Florida Statutes chapter 553.71, a threshold building is any structure which is greater than three stories or 50 feet high, or has an “assembly” occupancy classification that is greater than 5,000 square feet and has an occupant content of greater than 500 persons (examples of the latter include venues such as churches, colleges, gymnasiums, and conference centers). Special Inspections and threshold inspections are required by most building departments when you go to pull a permit. You can learn more on our special inspections page.  

How long does it take to complete a Building inspection?

The time it takes to perform a structural inspection is determined by the inspection that is being performed as well as the complexity of the inspection. For example, a quick visual inspection of a crack in a Building can be completed in a couple of hours while a Structural Integrity Reserve Study may take longer due to the complex nature of the inspection. This also applies to Condominiums or associations with multiple buildings. The more areas that need to be inspected the longer it will take to carry out the inspection. 

How much does a Building inspection cost?

Just as previously noted above Building inspection Costs can vary based on the type of inspection, areas needing to be inspected, the complexity of the inspection, and the amount of separate buildings that need to be inspected. Basic or General Visual inspections start from $450 and can increase from there depending on the previously stated factors. 

If your building or buildings are located in a remote area then there will be additional costs due to travel time and fuel costs. Another reason that might add to the cost of your inspection is its complexity. If our Building Inspectors need to crawl into your attic or use specialized equipment like drones and thermal cameras to provide you with an inspection then the price can be higher. If you’re looking to get an exact quote the best way is to call us or visit our contact page to get a quote on the inspection you require.