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Concrete Column Repair

concrete column repair south florida

What is concrete column repair?

Concrete Column Repair is the process of fixing concrete columns which have been damaged due to wear and tear from the elements. This could be due to the column getting hit by a machine or could simply be from wear and tear over the years. We are concrete repair contractors with over 100 years of combined experience. 


What are concrete column's used for?

There are many types of Concrete Columns used in construction but we will be referencing two specific types. There are decorative concrete columns that are not load-bearing and do not support the building structure. These columns are not structural and are just used to create a specific style or design for a building. 

The other type of concrete columns which are mostly used in construction is load-bearing concrete columns also known as structural concrete columns. These columns are attached to the foundation and are crucial in the structure of a building. We specialize in this type of concrete column repair. This is the most important type of concrete column as it supports the structure.

When a structural engineer designs a load-bearing concrete column they take into account the pressures the column will endure. The engineer will calculate the pressures and specify which composition of concrete to use what type and how much reinforcement is required to ensure its structural rigidity.  

Why is concrete column repair important?

Concrete Columns are used in many buildings across South Florida and are mainly used to support a building’s structure. When these columns are damaged it can cause catastrophic failure and can compromise the stability of a building. 

If you have a decorative concrete column then having it repaired will increase the value of your building. If you plan on selling your building then it is important to have the columns repaired so that you can get the most for your building. Cracks in a concrete column can scare off buyers and cause your building to be on the market longer. These columns are less crucial as they are not structural and do not require immediate attention. 

Now if you have a structural concrete column that is failing then it is crucial to have it repaired. These columns support a building’s infrastructure and can compromise the structural integrity of your building. One failed concrete column can cause an entire building to collapse so it is imperative that it is repaired as soon as possible. 

How do Concrete columns fail?

Concrete columns can fail for a variety of reasons. In South Florida, the main cause of concrete column failure is due to exposure of the elements. The main element that can compromise your concrete columns is salt. Because South Florida is so close to the ocean salt molecules are floating around in the air. These salt molecules can penetrate small cracks in concrete and start to corrode the structural rebar that supports the columns. When the underlying rebar starts to corrode it causes the surrounding concrete to expand outward and crack. 

This is what is known in the concrete repair business as concrete spalling. Once your concrete columns have spalling it can accelerate the damage because it further exposes the structural rebar beneath and will start to decay rapidly. In this stage, it is crucial to get the column repaired as soon as possible. The longer you wait to repair these concrete columns the more damage will occur. If caught early then the column can be repaired and will be structurally sound. 

Do i need engineering plans for a concrete column repair

Yes, if you have a damaged column then an engineer will need to inspect the column and provide a plan to repair the column. These concrete engineering plans provide a blueprint for how the column will be repaired and what materials will be used. It is like an instruction manual for repairing your concrete columns. These concrete engineering plans are also crucial if you need to pull a permit. The concrete repair plans are signed and sealed by a structural engineer and can be submitted to your local building department so you can start the repairs. 

We can provide you with free engineering plans for your concrete column repair as long as you allow us the first right of refusal. This can save you money on your concrete column repair and will give you professional concrete repair plans for free

Why Choose us for your Concrete column repair?

As concrete repair contractors we have a specialized team of engineers with over 100 years of combined experience. Our team has successfully repaired countless concrete columns across South Florida. As an engineering and construction company in South Florida we specialize in large scale concrete column repair projects across South Florida. Because we specialize in engineering and construction we can make sure your column repair is done properly and will last for a long time.