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We offer several different Construction Plans including Concrete Repair Plans, Plumbing Plans, Mechanical Plans, Electrical Plans and Plumbing Plans.


Whether you have a broken column, staircase, or any other damaged concrete area. The first thing that you’re going to need is concrete repair plans and specifications. This way you can get bids from several contractors and decide the best option for you.

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Structural drawings or plans are detailed drawings and specifications for constructing a device, structure, or system with mechanical components. The plans typically include drawings of components and assemblies, technical data, and specifications.

Mechanical plans are detailed drawings and specifications for constructing the mechanical components of a structure. The plans typically include drawings of components and assemblies, technical data, and specifications, and may also provide instructions for assembly, operation, repair, and maintenance.

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Electrical Engineering plans are required when changing the infrastructure or repairing your building’s electrical system. Whether you need a full set of plans or need to get a set of electrical plans for an addition we can help. Our team of highly skilled engineers and architects can draft up a set of electrical plans for your next project. 

Plumbing Plans are required any time you are making changes to the plumbing systems in your building. We can provide you with certified plumbing plans that are signed and sealed by a professionally licensed Florida engineer to pull and permit or start a plumbing repair project. 

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WHAT ARE MEP construction plans?

MEP plans are a comprehensive set of engineering plans for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems. MEP plans are also reffered to as a full set of construction plans which include everything you need if you are remodeling your building, creating an addition, or repairing an area of your building. 

These plans are usually required if you were required to complete a Building Inspection and the engineer found structural issues in your building that need to be repaired. These inspections check for structural and engineering issues and can uncover issues in your structure. Before the issues can be repaired you must get construction plans for the areas being repaired. If you only need Plumbing and Mechanical or Electrical and Mechanical we can still help you.

Do you offer full set MEP construction plans?

Yes, we have delivered full sets of construction plans to thousands of customers across South Florida. We have been in business for over 30 years helping customers with plans for residential homes and commercial properties complete plans. Whether you need architectural plans for a remodel or are looking to build something new we would be happy to help. You can see our past projects above.

Why Choose us for your construction plans?

We have an in house staff of engineers, architects, and contractors so we have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to construction. Our lead arhictect has produced plans for luxury homes, condos, as well as residential properties. We are an established company and one of the leading experts in construction across Florida. Over the years we have established ourselves as an industry leader and have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.