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Concrete Balcony Repair

concrete balcony repair south florida

What is concrete Balcony repair?

Concrete Balcony Repair is the process of repairing broken or deteriorating concrete balcony’s which are found on many residential and commercial buildings. These balcony’s can become damages due to wear and tear or exposure to South Florida’s harsh elements. 


Why is concrete Balcony repair important?

Concrete balconies are found in many residential buildings across South Florida. They provide a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy the South Florida weather. However, when these concrete balconies fail they can become a safety hazard for residents and the surrounding neighborhood. Repairing a concrete balcony will make sure the residents of your building are safe and not exposed to the risk of a failing balcony. 

When concrete balconies have cracks or spalling it can cause pieces of concrete to fall on the surrounding areas. Since many buildings with concrete balconies have multiple stories a small piece of concrete falling can injure anyone below or can pollute the surrounding area. That is why it is imperative to get your balcony repaired at the first sign of damage. 

How do Concrete Balcony's fail?

Concrete balconies are exposed to South Florida’s harsh weather.  As an exterior element, concrete balconies are constantly being exposed to the elements including rain and salt that is suspended in the air. This especially applies to buildings that are closer to the coast. The closer you are to the ocean the more exposed your building will be to salt ions that are evaporated from the ocean and suspended in the air. 

Concrete balconies can also become damaged or fail due to improper construction techniques. If the balcony is not constructed properly it can fail prematurely and start to rapidly deteriorate. If you see cracks in your concrete balcony or even worse spalling then you must have a structural engineer look at it and give you an assessment of the damages. 

Do i need engineering plans to repair a concrete Balcony

Yes, if your concrete balcony is damaged you will need signed and sealed plans in order to get a permit and carry out the repairs. These engineering plans provide an instruction manual for repairing your concrete balcony and outline the dimensions and materials needed to properly repair your concrete balcony.

Concrete repair plans are also the first step in the repair process. Once you have signed and sealed plans from a structural engineer you can submit them to the city to get a permit and start the repairs. We can provide you with free concrete repair plans as long as you give us the first right of refusal. This will allow you to save some money on your concrete balcony repairs.

How much does it cost to repair a Concrete balcony?

The cost of repairing a concrete balcony can vary based on the number of balconies, the size of the balconies, and the complexity of the project. To get an exact quote you can call us and we will send an engineer out to inspect the area to provide you with an accurate quote. Prices for concrete balcony repairs in South Florida can range anywhere from $100 a square foot up to $500 per square foot.  We cannot give you a quote for a balcony repair unless we inspect the area either with images or physically inspecting the area. 

Why Choose us for your Concrete Balcony repair?

As concrete repair contractors who are also engineers we specialize in concrete repair, we have repaired countless balconies across South Florida. Because we also specialize in Building Inspections we have a great deal of experience repairing balconies. Our team of specialized engineers can take on your balcony repair from start to finish. From designing the engineering plans to pulling permits, to getting the actual repairs done we handle everything for you. The benefit of having one company carry out the complete project is that it gets done quicker and with less back and forth. Our team of engineers and general contractors work closely together to carry out the repairs properly and within a reasonable time frame.