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Stucco Repair

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What is Stucco repair?

Stucco is a type of cementitious material used to cover exterior brick walls and other exterior facades. When your stucco starts to fail you may see cracking on the exterior of your building exterior. This could potentially allow humidity to penetrate your walls and eventually, the structural components of your structure can be compromised. 


What is Stucco?

Stucco is a type of exterior plaster made from cement, sand, lime, and water. It’s applied wet over a framework, such as masonry, wire mesh, or lath, and provides a durable, weather-resistant finish to protect the infrastructure beneath. Stucco has been used for centuries in various forms of architecture, ranging from large buildings to modern homes. It can be applied using multiple textures to provide you with the style you are looking for. There is smooth stucco, textured stucco, or even decorative stucco, depending on the application and type of stucco used. Stucco is popular for its versatility, durability, and relatively low maintenance requirements. It can be painted to match any desired color scheme and is commonly used on exterior walls of residential and commercial structures.

Why does stucco fail?

Stucco is a very durable coating but it can sometimes be damaged due to South Florida’s extreme heat as well as other environmental factors such as rain and salt molecules in the air.  The main environmental factor that can affect the longevity of your stucco if your building is located on or near the coast is the salt water. The ocean water evaporates into the air due to Florida’s high heat and these salt ions are suspended in the air and can cause chaos on your exterior stucco. 

The second reason stucco may fail is because it was not applied properly. There are multiple reasons for this such as the preparation of the material underneath, the stucco mix used, and the dry time. Each one of these things is crucial to having your Stucco stand the test of time. If too much water is used or not enough cement is used it can also cause your stucco to fail. It is very important to understand the dry time and shrinkage of stucco. All of these things play a crucial part in your stucco’s longevity. 

Why is Stucco repair important?

If your stucco is showing signs of cracking then you should address the issue as soon as possible. Whether it is because of environmental factors or problems with the application or product used, getting it taken care of can save you money. So why is stucco repair important? Well if you start to see cracks in your stucco this means that water and humidity will be able to penetrate whatever material is underneath. 

In South Florida, most residential and commercial buildings where stucco is applied have concrete blocks underneath. These concrete blocks are porous and will allow water to penetrate your walls and potentially damage the drywall in your building. It can also penetrate into structural components like concrete columns and load bearing walls. When this happens the humidity can start to penetrate and could possibly cause the underlying steel rebar to rust. If the rebar rusts then it will expand the concrete around it leading to concrete spalling. 

What types of stucco repair can you help with?

We only provide Stucco repairs for Buildings in South Florida when it is part of a bigger repair. For example if you were required to complete a 40 year inspection and some of the columns or walls on your building needed to be repaired then we can carry out the repairs and provide you with the stucco repair as part of the project. We are experts in concrete repair so we have completed many stucco repairs across South Florida

Why hire us for your stucco repair?

Due to our extensive experince with concrete repairs in South Florida we have years of experience doing stucco repairs. Stucco repairs go hand in hand with concrete repairs since the concrete that is repaired requires a stucco or other type of top coat to protect the structure beneath.