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Welcome to the threshold of hassle-free engineering solutions. I’m Greg Batista, leading the forefront of G. Batista Engineering & Construction, where we blend expertise with innovation to address your structural repair needs in condominiums and various residential and commercial projects throughout Florida.

Navigating the complexities of engineering projects can be costly and time-consuming. That’s where our unique ‘First Right of Refusal’ service comes into play, offering you a seamless start on your project with minimal financial commitment upfront. Our proposition is simple yet groundbreaking: we provide you with complete plans, specifications, and bid documents at an exceptionally discounted rate — or sometimes, even free. In exchange, we ask for the opportunity to be the first to review and match any competitive bids you receive.

Here’s what makes our service a game-changer:

Cost Efficiency

Significantly reduce your initial outlay. With us, you could potentially save thousands of dollars on the preliminary stages of your construction project.


Benefit from our industry-recognized expertise. Our plans are meticulous and crafted to meet the stringent demands of Florida’s construction standards.


We understand time is of the essence. Our agreement is straightforward, enabling us to fast-track the creation of your necessary documents.


You maintain full control. After receiving bids, the choice to proceed with us or another contractor is entirely in your hands.


With our ‘First Right of Refusal’, you literally have nothing to lose. If we can’t match a bid, you still get a discounted or free service.


As a well-known entity in Florida’s engineering and construction scene, we bring a reputation for reliability and excellence to your project.


Our commitment doesn’t end with the paperwork. Should we undertake your project, expect a partnership that embodies integrity, transparency, and dedication to delivering excellence in every beam and pillar.

Dive into the details of this unparalleled offer by watching our brief video explanation and feel free to reach out for a more personal discussion on how we can help bring your project to life with the assurance and quality it deserves.

Your vision, fortified by our expertise, could be the foundation of Florida’s next iconic structural repair. Contact us to take the first step towards realizing your project’s potential with no strings attached.