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Duval County Building recertifications help to ensure your building is safe and does not require any structural or electrical repairs. We have are certified engineers that have done thousands of milestone inspections across Florida. Our team of registered professional engineerings have a 100% success rate in Building recertifications. What was formerly known as the Duval 40 year inspection has now been updated in accordance with Florida’s new Building safety inspection program to every 30 years or 25 years depending on the buildings location. The 10 year milestone inspections remain the same as before although some counties might have implemented additional requirements for the 10 year recertification as well. 


If you live in Duval and received a letter in the mail letting you know that your Building needs to be inspected we can help. Most building departments in Duval require you to submit an inspection report within 90 days of receiving the letter. Have no fear G Batista is here to help you with your milestone inspections in Jacksonville. We have completed thousands of inspections and are experts in engineering and construction. 

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Gather YOUR information

In order to provide you with a quote as quick as possible we suggest having all of the required information required before calling. This helps stream line the process and allows us to give you a proposal as soon as possible. Here is what we need from you: Your Title (Building Owner, Building Manager, Building Association Representative), Full Name, Email, Two Contact Phone Numbers, the Building Address, Number of Stories, as well as the Number of Units.

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Once you have all the information above you can give us a call or message us. We can provide a proposal for your building milestone inspection in Duval within 24 hours. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have about the process. We try to add as much information on our website so you can educate yourself on all the requirements. 

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After we email you the proposal you will need digitally sign it and you will then be be required to pay a deposit. Once the deposit has been payed and the proposal is signed you can now proceed to the next step in the Duval Milestone inspection process.

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Now that you have signed the proposal one of our professional engineers will call you and set up a date for your building inspection. We are very busy with these inspections across Florida so it is imperative that you start the milestone inspection process as soon as possible. It can take 3 to 4 weeks sometimes to get your appointment scheduled. 

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Once one of our engineers have completed your building inspection you will be required to pay the  the remaining balance. After we received the full payment amount we will send you a copy of your inspection report which you can then send to the Duval Building department. Regardless if you passed or failed the inspection you are required to submit the report. If you did not pass the inspection the first time don’t worry, once you submit your failed report the building department will give you 180 days to repair the issues found in your building during the inspection process. 


Hooray! If one of the engineers on our team inspected your building and they did not find any structural issues we will give your building a passing score. You are now able to submit the passed inspection report to the corresponding municipalities building department in Duval, Fl. Now that your milestone inspection is complete you won’t need to reinspect your building in Duval for another 10 years. It is imperative that your building department receives your report before the due date. We are not responsible if your inspection report is void because it was not sent out on time. We do not submit the report for you.


So you failed your inspection but don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging. If failed your Duval Milestone inspection you will submit your failed inspection to the Duval building department that corresponds to your building and they will give you an extension of 180 days so you can fix the issues found on the report. Once the repairs are completed we will review the repairs and provide you with a FREE re-inspection and a clean report that you can submit to the Duval building department. That is the final step in the Milestone process and your building will not have to get re-certified for another 10 years.

Always reference your local municipalities building departments laws and regulations. These laws are always changing so we recommend contacting your local Duval county building department website for up to date information regarding the Milestone Inspection requirements. Each county may have their own requirements.

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Duval Milestone inspections should be emailed to [email protected]


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The Florida Building Safety Inspection Program also known as a Milestone inspection is part of Florida’s new Building Safety Inspection program that which looks for any structural or electrical components in your building that need to be addressed.  What was formerly known as the Duval 40 year recertification is now the 30 Year recertification or 25 year recertification based on your distance from the coast. The 10 year recertification are still part of the Milestone Inspection program and have not been changed. Below we have listed the requirements.

You can read more regarding Chapter 553 of the new Florida Statutes as well as Florida Statute 718.501(3)(a) / Senate Bill SB 4-D 

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Some counties in Tampa require an additional Electrical Inspection. Check with your local building department to make sure.


The Structural components of your building are the most important elements of a Milestone Inspection. 

Duval 30 year recertifications

 If you building is 3 stories or higher and is located more than 3 Miles from the Jacksonville coast then you are required to complete recertification after your building reaches 30 years. According to the new Florida SB 4-D law it must be completed by December 31, 2024 if the building is more than 30 years old or on December 31th of the 30th year if it is not. The 40 year Duval building recertification has been changed in accordance with Floridas new Milestone inspection requirements.

30 year building recertication certificate florida

Duval 25 year recertifications

All buildings in Jacksonville Beach that are 3 stories or more are required to complete a milestone inspection when the building reaches 25 years.  

If you live in Duval and are less than 3 Miles from the coast then you are also required to complete recertification once your building is 25 years. According to the new Florida SB 4-D law it must be completed by December 31, 2024 if the building is more than 25 years old or on December 31st of the 25th year if it is not. The 40 year Duval building recertification has been changed in accordance with Floridas new Milestone inspection requirements.

25 year building recertification certificate florida

Duval 10 year recertifications

The 10 year milestone inspection remains the same. Regardless if you completed a 40 year inspection, 30 year inspection, or a 25 year inspection, you are required to re-certify your building every 10 years after your last inspection. 

10 year building recertification certificate florida



When we perform a building recertification in Duval we look for structural problems that can occur in a building. We will inspect the entire building and look for spalling or cracks where there may be underlying damage. Hidden beneath spalls and cracks you can find rusted rebar and additional damages. Whether it is a 40 year inspection, 30 year inspection, 25 year inspection, or 10 year inspection, we check all of the required structural components of your building to make sure your building is structurally safe for use. We do not check if your building is up to code and you will not be penalized or instructed to put your building up to code if it is not. The purpose of this inspection is just to check for any structural issues that could make the building unstable. Our experienced engineers are up to date with the current laws in Duval and will help you complete your Duval Milestone inspection.


All Building in Duval that are more than 3 stories high is required to complete a Milestone Inspections in accordance with Florida’s new Senate Bill SB 4-D Building safety law. If your building is less than 3 miles from the coast then you are required to complete the inspection after 25 years. This means that all of Jacksonville beach is required to perform the inspection after 25 years. If your building is more than 3 miles from the coast then you will have to complete the inspection when your building reaches 30 years of age. These new requirements were put in place to replace the previous 40 year recertification program. 

Who QualifieS to peform a Milestone inspection iN Duval?

The Duval Building safety inspection can be completed by any certified Florida Engineer or Architect. We are an award winning Engineering & Construction firm and have completed thousands of milestone inspections across Florida. We specialize in Milestone inspections and would be happy to help you complete your 25 year, 30 year or 10 year milestone inspection. We have a 100% success rate and are always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding these inspections.


Chances are that when your building is up for your milestone inspection you will receive a letter in the mail. The letter will provide you with the exact dates when you need to complete this inspection. Usually the local building department will give you 90 days to perform this inspection. Whether you pass or fail the report must be sent in by the due date in order to avoid any violations. If you failed the inspection the city will usually give you 180 days extra so that you can pull the required permits and get started on the repair. You should always verify with the corresponding building department in Duval County. 

How much does a Milestone inspection cost in Duval?

The cost for a milestone inspection in Florida depends on many factors such as the size of the building, how many units, how many stories, the proximity from the office and possibly the square footage of the property. If you would like to get an exact quote you could give us a call or message us on our live chat system. 

Do you submit my plans to the Duval BUILDING DEPARTMENT

No, we will not submit your passed or failed inspection to the corresponding Duval Building department. We can guide you on where you need to go to submit your documents but CANNOT submit the forms in your behalf. You are required to submit all of the required documents to the corresponding local building authorities. Whether you passed or failed you are required to send in the report.If you failed your initial inspection do not worry. Once you send in your failed report the city will give you an extension on your due date so that you can repair the structurally compromised areas and pull the required permits for the job.


We can provide you with a building recertification in all of Duval including all of the counties such as Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, Putnam and St. Johns. We also service the surrounding areas.


No, building recertifications in Duval are about making sure your building is structurally safe. It is not an inspection pertaining to whether your building is up to code. After completing thousands of inspections we have yet to have a building that requires other parts or structures in a building t be up to code. 


No, the 40 year inspection or 40 year recertification was changed in accordance with Florida’s new SB 4-D Law which changes the inspection date from40 years to 30 or 25 years depending on your proximity from the coast. The 10 year milestone inspection is still required after any of the milestone inspections have been completed regardless if it is a 40 year inspection, 30 year inspection, or 25 year inspection.

WHat is the point of Duval milestone inspection program?

The milestone inspection program was put in place to ensure the safety of Buildings across Florida. After the tragedy that occurred in Surfside Florida in the Champlain tower these new requirements were put in place which require buildings to pass a milestone inspection much sooner than before.

Buildings are complex structures with many moving parts that deteriorate over time and start to fail. These building safety inspection programs focus on the structural components of a building and making sure that if there are any potential hazards that they are addressed in advance before they turn into a tragedy. 

These inspection programs can also save building owners and associations from costly repairs due from lack of maintenance. Any time you can identify a problematic area early it prevents you from having to perform larger repairs down the line. You can think of this program similar to when you visit the doctor to get a checkup. 


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