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Concrete Wall Repair

concrete wall repair south florida

What is concrete Wall repair?

Concrete Wall Repair is the process of repairing a  concrete wall which has been damaged. This could be a load bearing concrete wall or a decorative concrete wall. Our concrete wall repair service can also be used to repair concrete knee walls or concrete dividers or concrete barriers. 


What Types of concrete Walls do you repair?

There are mainly two types of Concrete Walls used in building construction. The first type of concrete wall is a load-bearing wall. These concrete walls support the structure and are designed to carry a certain amount of load. Getting a load-bearing concrete wall repaired as soon as possible is essential in keeping your building structurally sound and safe for occupancy.  We specialize in structural concrete wall repairs but can also repair any type of concrete wall you may have on your property including knee walls and barriers. 

The other type of concrete wall which is used in construction is a decorative concrete wall. Having cracks in a decorative concrete wall is less important but still requires attention. Although they are not part of the structural components of a building they can be an eye sore if they are riddled with cracks or concrete spalling. If you plan on selling a building it is imperative to get these cracks repaired to get the most buyers interested in your property. 

As concrete repair contractors we have repaired countless walls and other structural and non structural concrete elements. 

Why is concrete Wall repair important?

If you have a load bearing Concrete Wall that is showing cracks or concrete spalling it is crucial to get it repaired as soon as possible. At the very least you should have a structural engineer examine the area and provide you with concrete repair plans to get it repaired. Structural concrete walls are part of the building’s infrastructure and support some of the weight of the building. Together the load-bearing walls keep the building standing upright and can be detrimental if not repaired as soon as possible. If your concrete wall has cracks or exposed rebar then they can quickly compromise your buildings structural rigidity if the issue is not addressed quickly. 

If you have a decorative exterior concrete wall that is not load bearing then it is not as crucial to have repaired. It is still important, as reparing the concrete wall as soon as possible will limit the damage and save your money in the long run. Cracks in concrete walls can lead to water penetration or humidity to seap into other areas of a building and cause more damage to other elements of your building such as electrical systems or other structural elements. 

Regardless whether your concrete wall is load bearing or simply part of the exterior facade getting it repaired as quickly as possible will minimize the damage and save you from having to tear it down and build a new one. As structural engineers, we can advise you on the best action to take after we have inspected the concrete wall. The benefit of hiring a engineering and construction company is that we can not only provide you with plans to repair your concrete wall but also cary out the repairs required. 

Why do Concrete WALLS fail?

One of the many benefits of living in South Florida is the close proximity to the ocean. However due to this Buildings in South Florida are constantly exposed to harsh elements such as salt and the year round heat. The closer you are to the coast the more damage your concrete walls will take. Near the ocean salt molecules are suspended in the air and attach themselves to the buildings exterior walls. Because of this any small cracks or spalling can expose the structural rebar beneath and cause the wall to fail. 

As soon as your concrete wall has cracks or spalling it will start to decay rapidly and cause the rebar to rust. This rust can spread rapidly and compromise the entire wall in a matter of months. Concrete walls can also fail due to unforeseen circumstances such as damage from heavy equipment. Although rare when remodeling a building or making an addition heavy machinery can hit a wall and cause it to fail. 

Do i need engineering plans for a concrete wall repair

Yes, most importantly if it is a load-bearing concrete wall you should have an engineer look at it and provide you with concrete repair plans to ensure the repairs are carried out properly. Concrete repair plans provide a blue print that outlines the materials to use and the physical specifications required to ensure your wall is structurally sound and repaired to the proper specifications. We can provide you with free concrete repair plans as long as you allow us the first right of refusal. 

Once you have a structural engineer provide you with signed and sealed plans you can submit them to the city and get a permit for the repairs. This will allow you to start the repairs and get the job done properly.

Why hire us for your Concrete Wall repair?

We specialize in structural concrete repair and are team of engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. As an engineering and construction company we can handle your concrete wall repair from start to finish. Starting with the concrete repair plans we can then pull a permit for you and carry out the complete concrete wall repair. This allows us to get the repairs done quickly because we have a whole team of engineers and contractors under one roof.