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Plumbing engineering plans are required any time you make any changes to your existing Plumbing Systems. The first step in repairing the plumbing in your building is pulling a permit. To pull a permit for a plumbing repair you are required to submit plumbing plans. We mostly provide plumbing plans as part of a full set of construction plans. Whether you’re adding a new area to your existing building or repairing your building we can provide you with plumbing engineering plans to get your project started. 


Plumbing engineering plans are comprehensive sets of professionally drafted documents that detail the design, layout, and installation of plumbing systems within a building or structure. These plans are created by certified engineers and are essential for guiding construction and renovation projects, ensuring proper functioning and compliance with Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach building codes and regulations. 

Plumbing engineering plans typically include details such as the placement of pipes, fixtures, valves, and appliances, as well as specifications for materials being used, drainage systems, and water supply lines. They also incorporate considerations for water conservation, sustainability, and accessibility. Overall, plumbing engineering plans serve as a blueprint for the efficient and reliable operation of plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.



Whether you need plumbing engineering plans depends on the scope and nature of your construction or renovation project. Most building departments in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach require plumbing plans anytime you are making any changes to your plumbing system. This holds especially true when it comes to major renovations and remodeling. We can provide you with a full set of MEP plans for your building repairs or additions. You also need plumbing engineering plans to get a permit for a bathroom remodel or addition. The city will not give you a permit unless you first submit construction plans

What are the benefits of Plumbing plans?

Having a good set of plumbing plans not only allows you to get a permit but also serves as instructions for the general contractor handling your plumbing project. It also allows you to send your plumbing plans to multiple contractors in the bidding process so you can ensure that the contractors give you an apples-to-apples quote. Otherwise, some of the contractors you send bids to may give you a lower bid by cutting corners and not making your plumbing project up to the local building codes.

Can i pull a permit without PLUMBING plans?

No, If you do not have signed and sealed plumbing plans by an engineer or architect you will not be able to pull a permit for your plumbing jobs. Every building department in South Florida requires you to have plumbing engineering plans. We have engineers and architects in-house who can draft up your plans correctly so you can get started on your project.


We not only provide plumbing plans but can also provide you with a full set of MEP construction plans. MEP plans stand for Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical plans. These plans are usually required when making an addition to your building or structure. One thing to consider is that we mainly focus on large-scale construction projects such as multi-story residential buildings, commercial buildings, and residential communities.