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Broward Building Inspections & Recertifications

As licensed Engineers, Concrete Contractors, and Building Inspectors in Broward County we provide several Building Inspections including the Broward Building Safety Inspections, Milestone Inspections, Special Inspections, Threshold Inspections, General Inspections, and the Structural Integrity Reserve Study. We take pride in being one of Broward’s best Building Inspection companies with over 100 years of combined experience. Our building inspection company has carried out thousands of building inspections across Broward County. Our building inspectors have a 100% success rate and can provide you with a quote for Building Safety Inspections within 24 hours. Whether you’re concerned about a small crack in your building or you received a letter from the Broward County building department regarding a building recertification we are at your service. Below you can find all of the inspection services we offer in Broward with a short description of each service. 


With over 100 years of combined experience, our structural engineers and Building Inspectors are qualified to complete many Building Inspections in Broward including the Building Safety Inspections (40 year, 30 year, 25 year), Structural Integrity Reserve Studies, Special Inspections, and General/Specific Inspections.

Types of BUILDING Inspections in Broward

florida milestone inspection services

As one of Broward’s best building inspectors, we have completed thousands of Building Inspections & Recertifications in Broward. Our team of Broward Building Inspectors can ensure you pass your next Building Safety Inspection or Milestone Inspection the first time including 30-year Building inspections, 25-year Building inspections, or 10-year inspections. Our Broward Building Inspectors are highly specialized in Building Safety Inspections.

The Structural Integrity Reserve Study commonly known as the Broward SIRS is part of the new condominium inspection laws found in Senate Bill 4D, in the SIRS a structural engineer will analyze your building’s existing condition and provide you with the projected cost to maintain and repair your Broward building. Our Broward inspectors have extensive experience in the new Structural Integrity Reserve study and funding requirements. Our experienced inspection team can make sure you are fully compliant with these new laws. 

florida structural integrity reserve study
special inspections in florida

As Broward special inspectors we are certified to carry out your Special Inspections (or Threshold Inspections) which is required by the Broward building department anytime you start a construction project. Whether you are building, adding, or repairing your building a special inspector will review all the plans and make sure the construction is being completed according to the engineering plans. We offer special inspections for precast units and attachments, reinforced masonry, curtain walls, insulating concrete, steel connections, and large trusses.

Are you starting to see cracking around your doors and windows? Our general inspection service is for just that. We will send out a structural engineer to visually inspect your crack and give you our professional opinion on how to proceed. Our Broward County Inspectors are can inspect Concrete cracks or spalling which can be just superficial or could have an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. 

general structural inspections Florida