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 We have completed thousands of building inspections across Miami-Dade. Our engineers specialize in building recertifications and can help you get your business recertified as quick as possible. Our expertise in both engineering and construction allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of the inspection process. Our team of engineers and contractors are standing by to help you overcome this tedious task. With a 100% success rate, we are the leading engineering company in Miami-Dade for all your milestone inspections. Whether your building in Miami-Dade requires a 30 year milestone inspection, 25 year milestone inspection or a 10 year milestone inspection, we can help. In accordance with Florida’s new building safety inspection program, the 40 year inspection has been changed and you can learn more about it below.


If you live in Miami-Dade county and received the dreaded letter in the mail letting you know your Building requires a milestone inspected we can help. Miami-Dade building department require you to submit an inspection report within 90 days of receiving the letter. This may seem like a daunting task but we are experts in Miami Dade’s Building Safety inspections and can guide you through the process. Our building inspectors have completed thousands of milestone inspections in Miami Dade.

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For us to help you start the process of completing your milestone inspection in Miami-Dade we need some critical info. The most important information you should have ready before calling is: Your Title (Building Owner, Building Manager, Building Association Representative), Full Name, Email, An additional contact (Not required but helpful), the Building Address, Number of Stories, as well as the Number of Units.

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After you have collected all the information above we can put together a proposal for you and send it out. It is not possible to send you a proposal without the information above. We can usually provide a proposal for your milestone inspection in Miami-Dade County within 24 hours.

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Once you have received the proposal you will need to digitally sign it and then you will receive an invoice to pay the deposit. You can now move on to the next step in the Miami-Dade Milestone inspection process.

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Once the deposit is payed and you have signed the proposal one of our engineers will reach out to you. We would advise to start the process as soon as you receive the letter because we are very busy with these inspections across Florida. It may take up to 3 to 4 weeks to get your appointment scheduled. 

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After we have inspected your building you will need to pay the remaining balance. After we receive your payment in full we will then send you your completed report. Whether you passed or failed the inspection you are required to submit the report. You can now send your clean report to the Miami-Dade Building department. If you did not pass the inspection the first go around don’t worry, you can submit your failed report and you will receive an extension of 180 days so you can pull the required permits and address the issues found in the report.


Once we give your building a clean report you can now submit the report to the Miami-Dade building department! This means your building is safe for use and has been inspected by a certified engineer. Once your milestone inspection is complete you won’t need to reinspect your building in Miami-Dade County for another 10 years. It is crucial that you submit your report on time. If your building department does not recieve the report before the due date you may be asked to redo the inspection. If this happens you will be need to complete and pay to complete the inspection process again.


If you failed your Miami-Dade milestone inspection don’t worry we will continue to help you. Submit your failed inspection to the Miami-Dade building department and they will give you an extension of 180 days so you can obtain the correct permits to complete the repairs. Once the repairs are completed we will review the repairs and provide you with a FREE re-inspection and a clean report that you can submit to the Dade county building department. Our inspection fee does not include any repairs required to pass the milestone inspection. We can handle the repairs if you would like but it will require additional fees. 

Always check with your local municipalities building department for updates to the laws and regulations required for your Building Safety Inspection program including Milestone Inspections and Structural Integrity Reserve Study. We have included their contact information below. Miami-Dade requires additional inspection requirements such as Electrical as well as parking lot illumination requirements that are not included in the new Florida Building Safety Inspection Program but are required by Miami-Dade.


The Miami Dade Building recertification program is required in order to ensure your building is structurally safe and also checks for electrical problems in your building. The new Florida Building Safety Inspection Program also known as a Milestone inspection is a general requirement for all buildings in Florida but Miami-Dade has additional inspections that are required. Miami-Dade also requires you to complete a parking lot illumination inspection and guard rail inspections if you have a parking lot associated with your building regardless of the amount of stories. 

The 40 year recertifications in Miami-Dade have now been replaced with 30 year and 25 year recertifications depending on how far your building is from the coast. The 10 year recertification stays the same and is required regardless on the milestone inspection you have completed. You can read more regarding Chapter 553 of the new Florida Statutes as well as Florida Statute 718.501(3)(a) / Senate Bill SB 4-D

By completing the Miami-Dade Milestone requirements you are also fulfilling the new requirements based on Florida’s new building inspection safety program associated with Senate Bill SB 4-D.

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Miami-Dade requires you to have your Electrical systems inspected when completing a milestone inspection.


The main component checked in a milestone inspection are the structural elements in a building. We look for cracks and spalling as indicators of damage underneath.

Parking Lot

In Miami-Dade County there is an additional parking lot illumination inspection required as well as a guard rail inspection.

Miami-Dade 30 year recertifications

 If you building is 3 stories or higher and is located more than 3 Miles from the Miami-Dade coast then you are required to complete recertification once your building has reached 30 years of age. According to the new Florida SB 4-D law it must be completed by December 31, 2024 if the building is more than 30 years old or on December 31th of the 30th year if it is not. This replaces the previous 40 year building recertification which was previously required.

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Miami-Dade 25 year recertifications

If your building is located less than 3 Miles from the coast then you are also required to complete recertification once your building reaches 25 years of age. According to the new Florida SB 4-D law it must be completed by December 31, 2024 if the building is more than 25 years old or on December 31th of the 25th year if it is notThis replaces the previous 40 year building recertification which was previously required.

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Miami-Dade 10 year recertifications

The 10 year milestone inspection has not changed and is required regardless whether you completed a 40 year inspection, 30 year inspection, or a 25 year inspection in Miami-Dade. If you have completed any of the above Miami-Dade milestone inspections you will have to repeat the process every 10 years after. 

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Unlike most other counties across Florida, Miami-Dade requires additional inspections besides the ones required by the state of Florida. The good news is that if your building passes the Miami-Dade milestone inspection it will also cover all of the state requirements. 

The main component we inspect in a building recertification in Miami-Dade is the structural integrity of a building. We look for any spalling or cracking of the concrete so we can make sure there are no underlying issues hidden beneath them. Whether it is a 40 year inspection, 30 year inspection, 25 year inspection, or 10 year inspection, we check all of the required structural components of your building to make sure your building is structurally safe for ocupancy. 

The second thing we check for your Miami-Dade milestone inspection is the electrical system of your building. Last but not least there is a parking lot illumination inspection and guard rail inspection for any parking lots associated with your building regardless of the size. These additional electrical and parking lot inspections are mandated by Miami-Dade and not the state.


Every Building in Miami-Dade that is more than 3 stories is required to complete a Milestone Inspection. The changes in Senate Bill SB 4-D Building safety law with respect to Miami Dade only change the frequency in which these inspections are required. According to the new Florida building saftey program If your building is less than 3 miles from the coast then you are required to complete the inspection after 25 years and if it is more than 3 miles from the coast it will be required after the 30th year. These new requirements were put in place to replace the previous 40 year recertification program

Who is qualified to PERFORM A Milestone inspection iN MIAMI-DADE?

According to the new Florida Building safety inspection program it can be completed by any certified Florida Engineer or Architect. We are an award winning Engineering & Construction firm and have helped thousands of building owners complete this complicated inspection process across Miami-Dade. We make it easy to complete your Miami-Dade Milestone inspection regardless whether it is a 25 year, 30 year or 10 year milestone inspection. Our team has a 100% success rate and here to help you through the process.


Once you get the notification in the mail advising you that you need to complete a milestone inspection on your building you will have 90 days to submit a report. Make sure to always refer back to the the letter you received with the exact dates. Miami-Dade building department will give you 90 days to perform this inspection. Whether you pass or fail the report must be sent in to the Miami-Dade building department by the due date in order to avoid any violations. If you failed the inspection the Miami-Dade will provide you with an extension of 180 days so that you can pull the required permits and get started on the repairs that need to be completed.

How much does a Milestone inspection cost in Miami-Dade?

The cost for a milestone inspection in Miami-Dade varies depending on the company. Engineering firms take into account many factors such as the size of the building, how many units, how many stories, the proximity from the office when calculating the cost of a milestone inspection in Miami-Dade. Some companies will also factor in the square footage of the property. For an exact quote for your building you will need to go through the process above. We cannot send you a proposal without having all the information required above. 


No, we do not submit your passed or failed report to the Miami Dade Building department. It is your responsibility to make sure they receive your report within the required time frame. We can help you through the process and give you guidance on where to submit your documents but CANNOT submit the forms in your behalf. Whether you passed or failed your milestone inspection you are required to submit the report. If you failed your milestone inspection you are still required to submit the report and will receive an extension so that you can address the issues found on your failed report.


We perform milestone inspections in all of Miami-Dade County. This includes Miami Beach, South Beach, Downtown, Brickell, Surf Side, Wynwood, Allapattah, Mid Beach, The Roads, Edge Water, Cutler Bay, Homestead, Florida City, Key Biscayne, Bay Harbor Islands, Hialeah Gardens, Hibiscus Island, Golden Beach, Florida City, Opa-locka, Doral, Hialeah, La Gorce, Key West, Key Largo, Sunny Isles, Indian Creek, South Miami, West Flagler, Palmetto Bay, Virginia Gardens, Coconut Grove, Miami Springs, Little Havana, Coral Gables, Bay Harbor, Bal Harbor, Aventura, Medley, Dadeland, Pinecrest, Sweetwater, West Miami, Miami Shores, Miami Springs, Miami Gardens, and North Miami Beach.


No, the Florida Milestone Inspection program does not look for code violations within your building. The Milestone inspection simply looks at the structural elements of your building in order to ensure that it is structurally sound and does not have any underlying issues. Miami-Dade does however require additional inspections such as the Parking lot illumination inspection and guard rail safety inspection which are not part of the Florida Building Safety program.


No, the new 25 year or 30 year milestone inspection replaces the 40 year inspection or 40 year recertification. Florida’s new SB 4-D Law changed the requirements so that building owners are required to complete these inspections early than before. The 10 year milestone inspection emains the same regardless if you completed a 40 year inspection, 30 year inspection, or 25 year inspection.

WHat is the point of Miami-Dade milestone inspection program?

The Miami-Dade milestone inspection program helps to ensure the safety of buildings across Florida. It checks specific components of a building to make sure they are structurally sound, the electrical system is working well, and parking lots have sufficient illumination and the guard rails are structurally sound. Although there were changes made after the tragedy that occurred in Surfside Florida in the Champlain towers, Miami-Dade has always had a building safety inspection program called the 40 year inspection. This programs are important for the safety of residents of the building as well as the surrounding area and will help save lives and prevent tragedies from happening again.


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