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Structural Inspections

If you find cracking around the exterior or interior of your home you might want to get a Structural Engineer to look at the damage and give you an expert analysis of the damage. Although you might just see a small crack on the surface of your wall, balcony, or column there can be structural damage hidden beneath. You might also need a structural inspection for insurance purposes. 


We provide  structural inspections including Building Safety Inspections (40 year, 30 year, 25 year) General/Specific Inspections, Special/Threshold Inspections, and Structural Integrity Reserve Studies

Types of BUILDING Inspections

florida milestone inspection services

We specialize in Building Milestone Inspections (Also known as Building Safety Inspections) in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and Tampa. We can provide you with all types of Milestone Inspections including 30-year Building recertification, 25-year Building recertification, or 10-year recertification, we got you covered.

You might be curious whether a crack in your building may be hiding a serious problem or if it is just a superficial crack. You may also want to check the general condition of a structure. In this case, our General/Specific Inspection service can be used to provide you with a visual inspection by one of our experienced engineers. 

general structural inspections Florida
special inspections in florida

Special Inspections (or Threshold Inspections) are sometimes required by building departments when you are building or repairing existing structures. We provide special inspections (or Threshold Inspections) in these categories: reinforced masonry, insulating concrete, precast units and attachments, curtain walls, steel connections, and large trusses.

In accordance with Florida Senate Bill 4D which was signed into law in May 2022, the SIRS is one of the requirements you need to complete. We have decades of experience and are up to date with the latest Structural Integrity Reserve study and funding requirements. Our experienced team can help you to get fully compliant with this new statute. 

florida structural integrity reserve study


What types of Structural Inspections do you provide?

There are several types of structural inspection services we provide. Whether your insurance company is requiring you to complete a special inspection or you are just curious about a crack in your building we can give you a professional engineer’s analysis of the compromised area. Whether your insurance requires it,  you are legally obligated to perform it, or you are just curious about a specific crack or spall we can help.

How long does it take to complete a Structural inspection?

The time it takes to perform a structural inspection is highly dependent on what inspection is being performed as well as the complexity of the inspection. For example, a general inspection of a residential home can be completed in a couple of hours while a Structural Integrity Reserve Study may take a while due to the complex nature of the inspection.

How much does a structural inspection cost?

Structural Inspections start from $450 for a basic inspection but the complexity of the inspection will usually dictate the price. If our engineers need to crawl into your attic or use specialized equipment like drones and thermal cameras to provide you with an inspection then the price can be significantly higher. If you’re looking to get an exact quote the best way is to call us or send us a live chat.