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GENERAL Structural Inspections

Whether your curious about a crack on the exterior of your building or have a damaged area in your structure that you are worried about and would like a professional engineer to look at, General Structural Inspections encompass all visual inspections that are NOT REQUIRED by the a Building department, Insurance Company, or Financial Institutions. These inspections are requested by building owners, associations, and building managers when they are concerned about a specific crack or problem with the structure. 

Types of General Structural Inspections

If you have cracks around your residential or commercial structure you can hire one of our engineers to visually inspect the crack and give you a professional engineer’s expert opinion. 

crack inspections
load bearing wall inspection

You might be planning to open up your kitchen by removing a wall or two and would like a structural engineer to visually inspect the wall and let you know whether it is load-bearing or not. 

Cracks along the roof or floor of your building are another reason why you might want a structural engineer to inspect your home. We can send a structural engineer to your property

structural settlement crack inspection
other types of general inspections

We also offer other general inspections such as cracks on wood, rusted steel beams, cracks on your floor, or any other area that you are concerned about. 


What IS a General Inspection?

A General Inspection is a visual inspection by a professional engineer regarding a crack or problem in your structure. It can also include an inspection to visually check if a wall is load-bearing and can be removed. These are inspections that are not required but you would like for someone with experience to take a look.  

Why would I get a General Inspection?

Some of the reasons why you might get a general inspection is because you found cracks along the roof or floor and want to make sure it is not something that can cause your home or building to collapse. Another reason you might want to get a general inspection is if your neighbor is doing a major construction project and you start to notice cracks along the foundation of your home. Last but not least you might be doing a renovation in your home and would like a professional to look at it before removing a wall or a column that could cause your structure to collapse. 

What IS THE COST OF a General Inspection?

The cost of a general inspection starts from $450 and will increase based on the complexity of the inspection and the distance from our closest office. The further we need to commute to get to your location the more it will cost to account for travel time and other travel-related expenses. The complexity of the inspection can also cause the price to increase. If our engineer has to go into a small crawl space and use specialized tools to inspect your crack then the cost will go up.

What does a General Inspection Include?

When our engineers perform a general inspection on a crack or spall in your home they will visit your location and visually inspect the area you define. The engineer will then visually analyze the area and send you a report detailing his professional opinion on what could have caused the damage, and provide you with a recommended solution on how to address the issue. 


We do not provide any specifications on what is needed to fix the issue, for example, our engineer will give you his recommendation on what you need to do to repair the damage but will not provide you with detailed drawings or exact instructions on how to repair the damage. It will just be an overview of what you need to do to get the area repaired.