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10 year building recertication in florida certificate

10 year building Inspections

10 year milestone inspection services florida

Why do i need a 10 Year Milestone Inspection?

10 Year Milestone Inspections are put in place as part of a public safety program to ensure buildings are structurally sound and safe for occupancy. The 10 year recertification has been in place in some counties in Florida but are now a state wide mandate after the tragedy that occurred in Surfside Florida. The 10 year milestone inspection is required regardless if you have completed a 40 year inspection, 25 year inspection, or 30 year inspection in the past.


Is the 10 Year Milestone INspection new?

No, South Florida has always required a 10 year building inspection or 10 year Building recertification after you completed a 40 year inspection. It is now become a state wide requirement after you have completed a 30 year or 25 year building recertification. 

What is the process of a 10 year Milestone Inspection?

The milestone inspection program follows the same inspection requirements as the 30 year and 25 year inspection.

When did the 10 year Milestone Inspection Start?

The 10 year recertification as it pertains to the new state wide mandated Building safety inspection program started in January 2022, but South Florida has had a similar inspection program prior to these new regulations. 

What buildings require a 10 year Milestone Inspection?

Every building that has completed a milestone inspection is required to complete a 10 year inspection regardless whether you completed a 40 tear inspection, 30 year inspection or a 25 year inspection. Regardless of whether your building is located less than or more than 3 miles from the coast you are required to complete a 10 year milestone inspection every 10 years following the last inspection completed.

Who can perform the 10 year Milestone Inspection?

The 10 year Milestone inspection can only be performed by a Florida licensed engineer or architect. These are the state wide requirements but it is always best to use an Engineer or Architect with experience in building recertifications. We suggest this because local regulations might be different than state wide requirements and it is essential to find someone who understands the current evolving requirements based on your buildings location. 

Why Choose us for your next 10 year Milestone Inspection?

As an engineering and construction firm we have inspected thousands of buildings across Florida. We have a 100% success rate and have extensive knowledge in the field. Having an understanding in both engineering and construction gives us an additional advantage when analyzing your structure and completing your building milestone inspection. 

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