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30 year building recertication in florida certificate

30 year building Inspections

30 year building recertication certifications florida

Why do i need a 30 Year Building Safety Inspection?

The 30-year building inspection program and Milestone Inspection is part of Florida’s new Building Safety Inspection program. This public safety program was put in place to help ensure the safety of buildings and the surrounding neighborhood.  After the tragedy that occurred in Surfside Florida, stricter regulations were put in place to prevent disasters such as these from reoccurring in the future. Although they may be costly and complex for some they help identify structural deficiencies in your building before they lead to catastrophic disaster. 


Is the 30 Year Building Safety INspection new?

Although some cities in Florida have always had a building certification program the 30 year milestone inspection program may be new to some counties across Florida. Formerly known as the 40 year inspection or 40 year building recertification program it is now broken down into two categories based on your location and building age. After the collapse at Champlain Towers  in Surfside Florida on June 24, 2021 the 40 year inspection program was revised to require a recertification or inspection at an earlier date. 

What are the phases of the 30 year Milestone Inspection?

The new Florida Building safety inspection program also known as the milestone inspection is composed of of two different phases. Phase one consist of a visual non-destructive examination of the buildings areas including habitable and non-habitable sections. Once you complete Phase one and no structural issues are found then you are done with the process and won’t have to reinspect your building for another 10 years. 

However if the engineers find any structural issues within your building during  Phase one then you are required to complete Phase 2. Phase 2 involves a more in-depth analysis of the damages by removing some of the material surrounding the cracking or concrete spalling to revel the totality of issues hidden beneath. 

You are then required to address the damaged sections and have an engineer or architect review the repairs in order to give you a clean signed and sealed report which you can then send to your local building department to complete the process. 

When did the 30 year Milestone Inspection Start?

The 30 year milestone inspection was put into effect on as part of Florida’s new revised building safety inspection program went into effect in January 2022. 

What buildings require a 30 year Milestone Inspection?

The 30 year milestone inspection applies to all buildings across Florida that are three floors and more than 3 miles from the coast. This new 30 year milestone inspection program is a revised version of the 40 year inspection which was previously required in some counties of South Florida. 

Who can perform the 30 year Milestone Inspection?

The 30 year Milestone inspection must be completed by a Florida licensed engineer or architect. These are the minimum requirements, however we would suggest to use an engineer or architect who has experience and knowledge specifically in the structural components of a building. This will ensure that you are completing the inspection correctly and according to the local building department requirements. Some counties in Florida require additional inspections besides the ones enforced by the state which is why an experienced engineer or architect will be familiar with. 

Why Choose us for your next 30 year Milestone Inspection?

We have over 30 years of experience in Building recertification’s and inspections. With thousands of successfully completed inspections across Florida we have the experience and knowledge to make sure your inspection is done properly and up to the local building departments standards. As we said above some counties do require additional inspections and have extensive knowledge of the requirements and procedure required to make sure your are getting the inspection done properly. As an engineering and construction firm we have additional knowledge in the field. We have performed all types of buildings inspections across Florida and would be happy to assist you in completing your next 30 year building inspections.

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