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Concrete Repair and Concrete Restoration 

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Greg Batista, South Florida’s top concrete and structural engineer. 

G. Batista South Florida Engineering and Construction Star

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“Meet Your Problem Solver, Greg Batista”

Greg Batista explains how to repair concrete spalls, why it’s important, and how to avoid a big problem.

G. Batista

Engineering & Construction

Our company was founded in the year 2000 with a vision to provide the following services:

  • Structural Engineering
    (specializing in existing building repairs)

  • MEP Engineering

  • Design-Build

  • Construction and Construction Management Services


G. Batista South Florida Engineering and Construction Star

G Batista SMS

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“Integrated Design-Build Firm”

40 Year Recertification

Specializing South Florida 40 Year Recertification

40 Year Recertification

The 40-year recertification building inspection is required by law and is to ensure that buildings are structurally and electrically safe.

Structural Inspections

Structural Engineer Inspections and Plans

Structural Inspections Services in Fort Lauderdale

There are many structural engineering inspection firms in South Florida. What separates our company from the rest is that we are also a construction firm. This allows us to have hands-on and practical experience in providing you with a reliable inspection and report.

Concrete Repair

Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida

Concrete Repair Services in Fort Lauderdale

Concrete repair is a fact of life for an old building.    This is especially true for buildings in South Florida.  The “salt air” is the main reason for this concrete failure. To put it another way, the chlorides in the air make their way into the concrete.

Forensic Engineering

Expert Witness Services

Forensic Engineering Services in Fort Lauderdale

Forensic Engineering is the investigation of materials, products, structures or components that fail or do not operate/function as intended, causing personal injury or damage to property. The results of failure are dealt with by the law of product liability.

Design Build

Architect Services in Broward and Dade - South Florida

Design Build Services in Fort Lauderdale

…Save yourself headaches and save time and money! We provide all design services in house!

Owner's Representative

Owner's Representative and Construction Manager

Owner's Representative Services in Fort Lauderdale

Most people do not have the experience to manage a construction project. It takes lot of experience to properly navigate through the maze that a construction project can be.


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