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Special Inspections


A special inspection is a public safety requirement enforced by local building authorities that is performed by a board certified Engineer. These special inspections encompass a wide variety of inspections including but not limited to insulating concrete, reinforced masonry, precast units and attachments, curtain walls, steel connections, and large trusses. Learn more about all the types of special inspections we provide below.

Categories of Special Inspections

WHAT IS the difference between a threshold inspection
and a spEcial inspection?

Threshold inspections are a subset of special inspections that specifically focus on certain structural elements referred to as “thresholds.” These thresholds are defined by South Florida local building codes and typically involve structural components that have a significant impact on the overall safety and stability of the building.

While both special inspections and threshold inspections share the common objective of ensuring structural integrity and safety in construction projects, the primary distinction lies in their scope and focus. Special inspections cover a larger range of construction activities and materials, whereas threshold inspections specifically target critical structural elements defined by South Florida building codes.

Special Inspections for lightweight insulating concrete. Lightweight Insulated Concrete, also referred to as LWIC is a type of concrete that is mostly used as an insulation for roofs. The LWIC is a combination of aggregate materials or cellular concrete. As a special inspector, we can examine the LWIC and make sure it is up to and applied properly according to the engineering plans. 

lightweight insulating concrete special inspections
reinforced masonry special inspections

Special Inspections for reinforced Masonry. Reinforced masonry is usually found in the form of cinder blocks that use rebar and filled concrete cells to reinforce a structure and provide extra rigidity. As a special inspector, we will review the plans and make sure the contractors are following the plan specifications and using the correct materials for the project.

We can also provide you with a Special Inspection for Precast Units & Attachments. Precast units are usually made from concrete and are built at a facility and then transported to the site. As a special inspector for precast units we will ensure these large concrete sheets are transported properly to the job site and follow the proper procedures to ensure that they remain structurally sound and offloaded correctly when they reach the final destination. 

prefabrication panel special inspections south florida
curtain wall special inspections south florida

We can also handle Special Inspections for Curtain Walls. A curtain wall is an exterior building covering usually made of glass which are non-structural, but instead protect the interior of the building from external elements. We will inspect curtain walls and make sure they are installed correctly according to the engineering plans.

Special Inspections for Steel Connections is another service we offer. The connections of the steel beams on a large structure are crucial to the longevity and structural integrity of a building. As a special inspector we will review the engineering plans and make sure the installers are using the proper materials and correctly fastening the steel beams together. 

special inspections in south florida for steel connections
special inspections for trusses

Special Inspections are required for Trusses Larger than  35′ Long or 6′ High. If you are repairing your roof or installing solar panels then chances are you will need a special inspector to go over your plans and approve them. 

Other Special Inspections encompasses any other type of special inspection you may be required to complete. Our engineers have completed thousands of special inspections around South Florida. We provide a vast range of inspections to meet your project requirements. We will ensure your inspections are up to current compliance standards regardless of the special inspection we provide. 

other special inspections south florida


Who is qualified to do a Special Inspection?

In order to become a Special Inspector in Florida you must be a professional Engineer licensed by the state of Florida that meets a variety of qualifications outlined in Rule 61G15-35.003. Some architects can also serve as a special inspector as long as they meet all of the requirements. Special Inspectors must have 3 years of verifiable experience performing structural field inspections on threshold buildings, two years of experience in structural design of threshold buildings.

Who decides what special inspections are required?

Your local building department will have the last say as to whether or not your project requires a special inspection. Although there are some general requirements issued by the Florida Board of Engineering, your local municipality will be the one enforcing the special inspection.

Who can hire a special inspector?

The only people authorized to hire a special inspector in Florida rare the owner, engineer or architect of record.

WHEN DO I NEED TO HIRE a Special Inspector?

Special Inspections are required in Florida including  Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach for almost all building projects. Building officials do have the option to waive a special inspection if it is a minor construction project. If you are performing a construction project on a building where the design involves a professional engineer or an architect it also requires a Special Inspection.

What IS THE COST OF a Special Inspection?

The cost of a special inspecion can vary based on the company providing the inspection. Our rates for special inspections start from $450 and will go up from there depending on the complexity and the number of hours the engineer will take to complete the inspection. If you would like an exact quote for your project feel free to call us or message us using our chat system.

What does a Special Inspection Include?

When we perform an special inspection we include several things. The first is a visit from one of our experienced engineers, the second is a document outlining the inspection process, last but not least we will provide you with a bid document. The bid document outlines the materials required to properly complete the project.