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Dania beach building recertification

Expert Advice on Dania Beach Building Inspections

In the wake of the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers Florida implemented several measures to ensure tragic events like these are avoided in the future. Dania Beach is moving forward with these new Building Safety Inspections. The two main components of the new Dania Beach Inspection program include the Building Safety Inspection and Structural Integrity Reserve Study. Both are required and must be completed within 90 days of receiving the letter in the mail. 

As a structural engineering company, we have completed thousands of Building Inspections and can help you overcome the challenge of completing the Broward Safety inspection properly the first time. With a 100% success rate our Building Inspectors can answer any questions you might have regarding the inspection process. Our Dania Beach Building Inspectors are also structural engineers which can help answer any questions you might have regarding these inspections.

new Condo Inspection laws in Dania Beach explained

The new Senate Bill 4-D introduced many changes to the way Dania Beach Building inspections were performed. Although many of the requirements of the previous 40-year inspection program are still required, there are some notable changes you should be aware of. First and foremost the biggest change is when you are required to complete your building’s first inspection. 

As you may know, the 40-year inspection required condominiums to complete the first inspection after 40 years. With the new Building Safety Inspection, this has now been changed to 25 years. This means that you are required to complete your first building inspection when your building reaches 25 years of age. After you complete your first building inspection you will then be required to complete subsequent inspections every 10 years. 

Besides the time frame when you must complete your first inspection the Dania Beach Building Safety Inspection has the same requirements from the previous 40 year inspection program. You are required to have your building’s structural elements as well as the electrical system to ensure it is safe for use. This inspection does not check whether your Building is up to code or violates any Building code requirements but instead was created to make sure that your building is structurally sound and will not cause injury. 

For the structural portion of the inspection, a Building Inspector will verify the foundation, roofs, masonry-bearing walls, flooring and roof systems, steel and concrete framing systems, and windows and doors are all in working order and do not pose any risk to residents and the surrounding area. The same engineer or architect can complete the electrical inspection portion, they will inspect your electrical panels and make sure they are in working order and functioning as intended. 

Along with the Structural and electrical portion of the inspection Dania Beach also requires an additional inspection. The Structural Integrity Reserve Stud was introduced with Senate Bill 4-D and is a process in which an Engineer will visually inspect your building and provide an estimated repair and maintance cost. This allows building owners, associations, and property managers in Dania Beach to have the required funds available when these repairs are required. The SIRS study also helps business owners by providing them with an overview of the buildings condition.

Do I need an inspection for my building or structure in Dania Beach?

Under these new Dania Beach guidelines, all condominiums and buildings that are over 3 stories tall and are 3,500 square feet are required to complete these inspections. The Dania Beach building department will send you a certified letter with all of the details regarding the time frame when your first inspection is due. Not completing the inspection within the allocated time frame may result in penalties that start from $500 a day. For your convienence we have listed the contact information for the Dania Beach Building Department below. 

Dania Beach Building Department


100 W Dania Beach Blvd, Dania Beach, FL 33004

(954) 924-6805

[email protected]


10:00am-3:00pm M-T

What if I already did a 40 year inspection in Dania Beach?

If you have owned or managed an older property then you are probaly familiar with Dania Beach’s 40 year inspection program. If your building is older than 40 years and you already completed the 40 year inspection you can continue to with the subsuqnt inspection schiecdule. One additional inspection that you will also be required to complete is the Structural Integrity Reserve Study. The SIRS Study can also be performed by the same engineer that completed your 40 year inspection. 

What buildings in Dania Beach are exempt from completing these inspections?

Some building in Dania Beach are not required to pass the Building Safety Inspection and the SIRS Study. Here are examples of the buildings that are exempt from the new inspection program. 

  • State of Florida buildings
  • US government buildings
  • 1 to 2-story family dwellings
  • Schools under the jurisdiction of Broward County School Board
  • Buildings built on indigenous tribe reservations
  • Any buildings under 3500 square feet

What building inspector is qualified to complete the Davie building inspection?

In compliance with the new SB-4D the Dania Beach Inspection process requires structural and electrical inspections by a licensed engineer or architect. These professionals can serve as Building Inspectors and must be licensed in the state of Florida. As a structural engineering company we have several building inspectors which are also structural engineers which can help you pass your next inspection. A structural engineer has a deep understanding of your buildings structural components allowing them to quickly spot structural problems in your building such as concrete spalling and cracks in concrete. 

What to do once you complete your Dania Beach building inspection?

After a qualified Building Inspector has thoroughly inspected your building and you have received a signed and sealed report the next step is to submit the report to the Dania Beach building department. Whether there were issues found in your building report or not you are required to submit the report. If there were no issues found with your building’s structural components or electrical system and the Dania Beach building department has approved the report then you are done. You will not have to complete this inspection again for another 10 years. 

However, if there were issues found during the building safety inspection then you will need to submit the report to the Dania Beach building department in order to receive an extension. The extension which is usually 180 days will allow you to pull the necessary permits and start to fix any issues outlined in the report.

Final thought on the Danie Beach Inspection program

The Dania Beach building safety inspection program can be complicated and costly but it is an essential public safety program that helps Building Owners, associations, and Property Management companies to ensure buildings are kept in good shape and are safe for their residents. The Champlain Towers collapse was a sad tragedy that this new Dania Beach Inspection program was created to prevent. 

It also provides peace of mind for condo residents knowing that a professional has examined the structure of the building. It also helps Building Owners by mitigating legal risks and excessive maintenance costs that can occur from not maintaining a building. 

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