If you are reading this blog, it’s likely you are doing your research about a 40 year inspection as it pertains to a building you manage or own in the City of Hollywood, FL. Perhaps you received a letter similar to this one.

As an engineering and construction firm in South Florida, we have been performing 40 year inspections / 40 year recertifications for over 30 years. So you’ve definitely come to the right place, and we commend you for doing your research and being proactive about addressing this letter. The City of Hollywood is a beautiful coastal city nestled between Miami and Fort Lauderdale abundant in high-rise buildings, many of which were constructed over 40 years ago. These buildings that are 40 years or older must undergo an in-depth inspection known as a 40 year recertification. This requirement is adopted under Broward county’s requirements as part of the Broward County Building Safety Inspection Program. The 40 years is calculated from the year a building was built. Every building owner of record receives a notice so that a structural inspection can be performed by a 3rd party licensed engineer. The property owner has 90 days from receipt of this letter to have the engineer complete the inspection within the required guidelines of a 40 year recertification inspection. If you have not received a notice and would like to know the date your building was constructed click here to visit Broward County’s property appraiser website. You can search your property by address, owner name, or folio # if you have it. 

Need a 40 year recertification inspection in Hollywood, FL? Just Ask G. Batista! 30+ years experienced engineer. (954) 434-2053.

The City of Hollywood will review the reports provided by the engineer to deem that the property is safe. If the engineer finds that there are structural or electrical deficiencies that may pose a threat to someone’s health or safety, the property manager or owner will have 180 days from the date of the report to complete the necessary corrections or repairs to the property. Once the repairs have been completed, the engineer that performed the original inspection will provide certification that the building is safe for use and occupancy for the next 10 years. Additional inspections are required every 10 years after the 40 year recertification. 

How To Choose The Right Engineer for a 40 Year Recertification? 

Florida’s law states that a licensed engineer can do a 40 year inspection. You should do more research to make sure you hire an engineer that is thoroughly experienced in 40 year recertifications and has the reputation to match. If you do a Google search you will find many engineers that perform 40 year recertifications, but we recommend that you check the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) website where you can see if the engineer you are considering has an active license or any complaints filed against them. Assuming all checks out, you can now move on to the interview process to find the right engineer. Here are some questions we recommend you ask.

  • Do you carry Errors and Omissions insurance? (This is a good thing to have. Established and serious firms normally carry this insurance)
  • Do you provide a written proposal after I give you my building address? (You should have a written proposal prior to hiring an engineer for a 40 year recertification)
  • How much do you charge for the inspection? Is a second or third visit included after you perform the final inspection? 
  • What are the payment terms? Can I pay after the inspection is completed? (Many contracts will require an upfront payment. It’s normal to pay a portion upfront but not the whole amount.)  
  • What is the timeline for the inspection? 
  • Will there be a contract? (There should be a contract for this inspection. If you have an attorney, you should let them review it, especially if it’s a large and expensive inspection. The language in the agreement should be straightforward. Just because the inspection is technical does not mean the agreement has to have technical language that one does not understand.)

Need a 40 year recertification inspection in Hollywood, FL? Just Ask G. Batista! 30+ years experienced engineer. (954) 434-2053.

What are the 40 year inspection requirements for the City of Hollywood? 

The City of Hollywood adopts the same 40 year recertification requirement as Broward County. Every inspection is comprised of 2 components, electrical and structural. The scope of a structural inspection usually includes the following: 

  • General Assessment of Structure (Alignment of building, contraction, expansion, deflection, surface conditions, settlement, checks for cracks and spalling, look for moisture penetration)
  • Inspection of Load-bearing walls
  • Inspection of Floor and Roof Systems
  • Evaluation of Steel Framing
  • Concrete Framing Assessment 
  • Windows Inspection
  • Wood Framing Inspection

The electrical part of the overall inspection includes: 

  • Meter And Electrical Room Evaluation
  • Electrical Panels Check
  • Grounding Inspection
  • Service Conductors and Cables Assessment
  • Feeder Conductors Inspection
  • Illumination Study
  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • Smoke Detector Testing
  • Parking Area Lighting Evaluation
  • Mechanical Equipment Wiring Assessment

Need a 40 year recertification inspection in Hollywood, FL? Just Ask G. Batista! 30+ years experienced engineer. (954) 434-2053.

What if my building does not pass the 40 year inspection?

The 40 year inspection report that is provided by the engineer does not only identify the issues that are found but also provides recommendations on what needs to be done to correct them. The City of Hollywood allows for 180 days from the inspection report date for any issues or deficiencies to be corrected. Some engineers can assist with any necessary repairs. However, you should choose the best company for the repairs and don’t feel obligated to use the engineer that performed the 40 year inspection. Here at G. Batista Engineering and Construction, we are an integrated design-build firm, which means we not only provide engineering services but also construction services in-house. So many of our clients find comfort in knowing that not only can we perform a very detailed 40 year inspection but also aid in the repairs if necessary. Very few engineering firms provide the construction aspect under the same roof. 

Need a 40 year recertification inspection in Hollywood, FL? Just Ask G. Batista! 30+ years experienced engineer. (954) 434-2053.