A construction project can be an overwhelming undertaking. From start to finish, it can take months, even years, and is likely to require what seems like never-ending decisions. For a property owner or property manager, this can be very time-consuming and challenging if they lack the experience and knowledge to manage the project. For this reason, an owner’s representative has become a very attractive option.

But what exactly is an owner’s representative’s role?

As the name states, an “owner’s representative” represents the owner during a construction project. But more precisely, they represent the best interest of the owner. To better understand their role, it’s important to understand the distinction between an owner’s representative and a project manager. A “project manager” is a broad term that encompasses any point person that is in charge of managing a process, construction job, or any project. In the construction industry, a project manager is typically the person on the contractor’s side that is in full charge of the construction project. The key distinction here is that the project manager works for the contractor and looks out for the contractor’s best interests. But who looks out for the Owner’s interests? This is where the Owner’s Representative comes into play. The Owner’s Representative makes sure that the contractor, designers, and other entities on the construction team are all playing by the contract rules because after all, it is the Owner that “signs the checks”.

Is an owner’s representative an individual or a company?

There are individuals that specialize in being owner’s representatives. However, there are also companies that provide owner’s representative services while also being an engineering and/or construction firm. One thing that owners like about working with us is our active experience on both the engineering and construction site. In many cases, individual owner’s representatives are retired project managers who may not be current with new technology and methodologies that go into construction projects. Here at G. Batista Engineering & Construction, we are a true integrated design-build firm which means that we perform our own engineering and construction IN-HOUSE. This makes us more than qualified and experienced to be great owner’s representatives and share our knowledge and expertise to serve the best interest of a property owner.

What are some areas of a construction project that an owner’s representative might oversee?

  • The Design Development Process
  • Project Budget
  • RFP/Bidding Process To Find the Best Vendors
  • Building Codes and Compliance
  • Construction Activities and Payment Applications (when should vendors be paid?)
  • Project Timeline Monitoring
  • Project Close-out

How can an owner’s representative serve the best interest of the owner?

Consultants, project managers, and vendors may have conflicting interests. They may be focused on their aspect of the project and not the whole. They are of course thinking about their bottom line, especially when selecting materials, and some may even be thinking about their commission dollars and other client projects. Having an industry expert that is solely focused on the overall project and does not represent anyone else but the owner can help make sure that goals and objectives are better attained.

How can an owner’s representative save me money?

One of the critical roles of an owner’s representative is to identify opportunities where money can be saved, and the schedule can be accelerated. This may mean negotiating with vendors, finding cost-saving solutions, and holding vendors accountable. If a project is not on schedule, an owner’s representative can easily spot this and require corrective action. There is no doubt that closely managing a project ensures efficiency that will lead to a cost reduction.

If you’re looking for an owner’s representative, G. Batista Engineering & Construction can help. We will diligently monitor your project throughout every phase to give you peace of mind. With 30+ years experience, you can count on our expertise for your construction project.

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Basic types of professionals

Most people do not have the experience to manage a construction project. It takes lot of experience to properly navigate through the maze that a construction project can be. Consequently, a construction monitoring firm can offer many benefits. There are two basic types of professionals that can assist you on a construction project. These are as follows: Project Manager (also known as a Construction Manager) and Owner’s Representative.

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Construction Monitoring Benefits

The Owners Representative will notify subcontractors of any unsafe practices.

This construction professional will verify milestones before payment are made.

They will also ensure that the job done in timely manner.

He will also make sure the job is completed as per the plans.

They will also manage the administrative side of the contract including change orders.

Last but not least, an Owner’s Representative will set up the job correctly at the beginning.  Typically, if a project begins on the wrong foot, then it will likely end that way.  The adverse costs to the Owner are immeasurable.

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What are the Costs?

Typically, the costs for hiring an Owners Representative depends mostly on the size of the job. Correspondingly, large jobs require more attention.

The costs are also affected by the complexity of the project. Most Project Managers are hired on an hourly basis for a specific set of tasks.

Other construction professionals prefer to be hired at a lump-sum monthly rate. In fact, these terms are typically negotiable to suit your needs. Either way, it is important that your Construction Consultant provides you with a detailed breakdown of his duties and tasks.

Needless to say, one should invest some time into finding the right professional.  A quick search on LinkedIn, Google, and a DBPR licensee can yield interesting information.  Finally, you should always ask for references.

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