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North Miami Building Inspections: A Step-by-Step Guide

North Miami has made some changes to its 40-year inspection program in accordance with the new Senate Bill 4-D. Although the North Miami 40-year inspection program was very comprehensive, there are some new changes to the building inspection program you won’t want to miss. If you are a building owner, association, building manager, or property manager in North Miami then stay tuned for a comprehensive guide about the new changes. 

In this article we will go through everything you need to know about the new North Miami Building Safety Inspection Program, so you can stay in the loop and make sure you are ready and knowledgeable when the time comes to complete your next inspection. As structural engineers, we are one of the best building inspectors for the job. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the recertification process allow us to complete your building inspections right the first time. 

We have also listed the contact information for the North Miami Building Department below if there were any questions that we did not discuss here. North Miami building department inspections are crucial to the safety of residents and surrounding areas. Click the link below and we will give you a quote for your next building inspection within 24 hours. 


12340 NE 8th Avenue North Miami, FL 33161

305-893-6511 Ext. 18007

[email protected]


7:30am-5:00pm M-F

Why did the North Miami Building recertification program change?

In the aftermath of the tragic Surfside condominium collapse in June 2021, claiming numerous lives, Florida’s senate responded swiftly by implementing new building safety inspection guidelines. However, it’s worth noting that North Miami already instituted many of these requirements with the 40-year inspection. 

While some alterations were made regarding inspection frequency, it’s crucial to highlight that the Miami-Dade Building recertification/inspection program was already aligned with, and in some cases exceeded, the mandates of the new statewide program. 

These new changes were crucial to ensure that buildings in North Miami are maintained and do not pose a safety risk for residents and the surrounding neighborhood. North Miami building department inspections can be complicated but we are here to walk you through the process. 

I already completed the North Miami 40 year recertification now what?

If you have already completed The North Miami’s 40-year recertification then you are already ahead of the curve. The requirements for the new Building Safety Inspection program remain the same except for an additional inspection called the Structural Integrity Reserve Study. The requirements of the inspection remain the same as far as the components that need to be inspected. This includes the previous structural inspection and electrical inspection along with the parking lot illumination and guard rail inspection if applicable to your building. 

If your building does not have a parking lot attached you won’t need to worry about the guard rail and illumination inspection. However, you will need to continue with the subsequent inspections that are required every 10 years after your building’s first inspection. The most important change you will need to start considering is the new Structural Integrity Reserve Study also known as the SIRS Study. 

The SIRS Study is a new visual inspection that analyzes your building’s current condition and calculates the estimated funds required to maintain and repair your building. The SIRS study must be performed by a qualified Building Inspector just like the Building Safety inspection. This means they must be licensed engineers or architects to serve as your building inspectors for these inspections. 

What is inspected during the North Miami Building Safety inspections?

There are two major areas that the North Miami building Safety Inspection focuses on. That is the structural components of your building and the electrical components. Each of these elements is crucial to the safety of your building and the surrounding areas. Out of these two components, the structural portion is essential because it is the backbone of your building and is what keeps it standing. 

The structural inspection portion of the North Miami building inspection program looks at several key structural elements of your building. Let’s go over some of the structural components of your building that are inspected during the inspection process. First and foremost are the load-bearing elements such as load-bearing walls and columns. If these components fail then it can cause a collapse of the structure. Along with these two key structural elements, the North Miami Building inspector carrying out the inspections will also examine areas around doors and windows and look for signs of cracking or concrete spalling. Any steel, wood, or concrete framing systems are also inspected to make sure they are in good condition.

In the electrical portion of the building safety inspection, the building inspector will look at your exterior electrical panels and conduits. If you own an older building and have metal conduits then the building inspector will look for corrosion around the pipes and panels. They will also check for any holes or damage on the panels. For example, if your panel has an exposed hole such as those from knockouts that were not used in the final setup of the electrical system. The building inspector will also look at your fire safety system to see if it is tied into the building’s electrical system. 

If you have a parking lot attached to your building the building inspector will also need to do a parking lot illumination and guard rail inspection. The parking lot illumination inspection examines the light output of your parking lot’s lighting system and determines whether it is sufficient to avoid any accidents due to low lighting conditions. The guard rail inspection ensures you have the proper guard rails installed and if they are installed they will check if they are in good condition and are not bent or corroded. 

Now you also want to pay attention to your building location because the new Building Safety Inspection affects the time frame when you will be required to complete your first inspection. If your building is within 3 miles of the coast your building recertification inspection is required when your building reaches 25 years. However, if your building is more than 3 miles from the coast then you have an additional 5 years to plan for your inspection, as your first inspection will not be required till your building reaches 30 years of age. 

Subsequent inspections will be required every 10 years after whether you completed the North Miami 40-year inspection or the new Building Safety Inspection. 

How do I know if I need a recertification for my building in North MIami?

If you’re wondering whether your building in North Miami requires an inspection, stay tuned as we delve into the details. Although the new Senate bill will affect many condo inspections in North Miami, condominiums are not the only buildings that require the new building safety inspection. If you own a building or are a property management company in North Miami you will want to continue reading. 

Any building or structure that is three stories or taller and has 3,500 square feet or more is required to complete the building safety inspection as well as the North Miami SIRS study inspection.

What buildings in North Miami are exempt from the Building Safety inspection?

Not all buildings in North Miami are required to complete a building safety inspection. Notably, these buildings include U.S. government buildings, state of Florida buildings, Indian reservations, North Miami School Buildings under the Dade County school board, one or two-story buildings, townhouses, and minor structures that are under 3500 sq ft.

How to submit your North Miami Building Dept inspections?

Once a qualified building inspector has examined your building and completed the inspection report they will sign and seal the report. This signed and sealed report will be sent to you and then you can submit this inspection to the North Miami Building Department for approval. We have a 100 success rate in these inspections. Our building inspectors are also structural engineers with comprehensive knowledge of the composition of your building’s structural components. 

If the building inspector did not find any issues with your building during the inspection you can submit the clean report to the North Miami building department and you are not required to complete this inspection again for another 10 years. However, if the inspector found any problems with your structural components or electrical system then you are still required to submit the report. 

Although now you will have to go and fix all of these issues the upside is that the North Miami will give you an extension so that you can pull the permits required to complete these repairs. It is crucial to get your signed and sealed report to the North Miami building department as soon as possible to avoid any fees or penalties. 

Summary of the North Miami Building inspection program

In this article, we looked at what the new changes to the 40-year inspection were made and how the new Building Safety Inspection program will affect condo owners in North Miami. To summarize everything in this article, the main change to the previous building inspection program is the date when you will need to complete your first inspection. If your building is located in North Miami and is 3 miles or less from the coast your first inspection is due after 25 years. For buildings in North Miami that are more than 3 miles from the coast, your first inspection is due after 30 years. 

The next major change was the addition of the North Miami SIRS Study. Besides those two changes not much else has been changed. Due to how comprehensive the previous inspection program was it already covered and exceeded the requirements outlined in the new Senate Bill 4-D. It is crucial to get started on your building inspection as soon as you receive the certified letter from the North Miami Building department. 

When you hire us as your North Miami building inspector you can rest assured you are in good hands. We handle everything for you and will ensure your building safety inspection gets completed properly and you don’t have any issues. Our team of building inspectors is experienced and knowledgeable about the North Miami building inspections and we’ll ensure your inspection gets done properly. 

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