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Why is the Florida Milestone Inspection Crucial? The importance of the Florida Milestone Inspections lies in ensuring the safety and longevity of buildings within Florida. Given the natural aging of structures, which may affect their structural soundness, and the severe weather conditions, including annual tropical storms, these inspections are vital for resident safety. The Milestone Inspection serves as a preventive measure.


In accordance with the date of issuance of their certificate of occupancy, buildings are required to undergo their first Milestone Inspection as they reach 30 years of age, followed by subsequent inspections every 10 years to maintain their condition.

phase one florida milestone inspection process


This initial step serves as the first shield of protection. Licensed engineers in Florida undertake an exhaustive visual survey of the property. They meticulously scrutinize every accessible space, prioritizing the building’s core structural elements. The goal is to certify the building’s structural integrity and confirm its safety. This phase is not about adherence to current building or fire codes; instead, it focuses on the fundamental health and stability of the construction. If this phase uncovers no significant issues, the process is deemed complete.

phase two florida milestone inspection process


Regard this phase as an in-depth investigation. Triggered only if the first phase reveals serious structural issues, Phase 2 is a more rigorous exploration. It may include various tests, ranging from non-invasive to invasive methods. The aim here is to thoroughly understand the extent of structural damage and formulate a strategic plan for the required repairs.

Our distinguished track record is well-known, with a roster of satisfied architects, contractors, developers, and property managers who have placed their trust in our engineering expertise since 2000.


When selecting a service for milestone inspections, consider G. Batista Engineering & Construction. Here’s why our partners and clients rely on us time and again for their inspection requirements

Expertise That Stands Out

Our three decades of immersion in structural inspections and engineering translate to unmatched proficiency. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience to your building’s assessment, ensuring comprehensive and skilled evaluations.

Pursuit of Superiority

Our rapid ascent as a leading Engineering Firm nationally speaks to our unwavering drive to exceed industry benchmarks. We bring a superior level of quality to every inspection, reflecting our relentless pursuit of perfection.

Prompt Service

Recognizing the urgency of safety and regulatory compliance, we are committed to swift service delivery. Expect a quote within a 2 business days, enabling you to proceed promptly and confidently.

Clear, Consistent Communication

At G. Batista Engineering & Construction, clarity and regular updates are the cornerstones of our client interactions. You are kept fully informed of every assessment, finding, and suggestion, ensuring your condominium board is always in the know.

Licensed Throughout Florida

Our statewide licensure is a distinctive advantage. We possess in-depth knowledge of Florida’s regulations, ensuring your milestone inspection is exhaustive and compliant with state-specific statutes.

What Happens After Your Inspection is Complete?

What comes after we finish your milestone inspection? After we’ve delved deep into the structures, assessing and analyzing, we share our findings. Whether it’s the Phase 1 or the more intensive Phase 2, we provide a comprehensive, detailed report, bearing the seal and signature of our licensed Florida Engineer.

This document offers insights into your building’s structural conditions and potential areas of concern. And as per regulations, the association is also in the loop. A summary of our report can be shared with every condo unit owner. This collective approach ensures everyone is informed and aware, making the community a safer place.