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Hialeah Building Inspection: A Complete Guide

Did you receive a letter from the City of Hialeah Building department letting you know that you need to complete an Inspection on your building?  Don’t worry we are experienced structural engineers who can serve as your Hialeah building inspector for your next Building Safety Inspection. In this guide we will go over the requirements, the changes to the new condo inspection laws, what the inspection covers, what to do once you’re done with the inspection, and what happened to the previous Hialeah 40-year inspection. If you would like to get a quote for your next Hialeah Building Safety Inspection feel free to use the button below for a quote in 24 hours. 

Hialeah’s new condo inspection laws may seem like a real challenge for building owners and managers. But don’t worry, with the help of these rigorous inspections, you’ll be able to ensure that your building is safe and structurally sound, and we will help you overcome this inspection with relative ease. City of Hialeah building inspections can seem complicated but we will help you though the entire process.

What are the new Hialeah Condo Inspection laws

Hialeah’s condo inspection laws have undergone many new changes based on the new Senate Bill 4-D. Gone are the days of the Hialeah 40-year inspection program, replaced by the new Hialeah Building Safety Inspection that changes some of the requirement dates for these inspections. The new Hialeah Building Inspection program also known as the Hialeah BSIP requires buildings to be inspected after 30 years (or 25 years for those located within three miles of the coast). 

First off, the initial inspection is now due after 30 years (or 25 years for those located within three miles of the coast), but subsequent inspections will be required every ten years after that. When compared with the 40-year inspection which required all buildings regardless of location to complete the inspection after 40 years. Buildings in Hialeah with a parking garage attached will also need to undergo guardrail and parking lot illumination inspections. 

The next major change to the Hialeah building inspection laws is the addition of the Structural Integrity Reserve Study. The SIRS study is an additional building inspection required that analyzes the building’s current condition and approximates the cost of maintaining and repairing your building over time. We will go over the details of the SIRS study later in this article. 

What is inspected during the new Hialeah building Safety inspection?

So, what can you expect during the Hialeah Building inspection process? During the Hialeah Building Safety Inspection, the building inspector will examine two crucial elements of your building, the structural and electrical components. The structural portion will involve a thorough examination of your building’s foundation, roofs, masonry-bearing walls, flooring and roof systems, steel and concrete framing systems, and windows and doors. Our structural inspectors use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your building is structurally sound and doesn’t pose a hazard to residents or the surrounding area. 

The electrical portion of the inspection will involve an examination of your electrical panels to make sure they’re in good working order and don’t pose a hazard either. Some of the elements that are inspected are the electrical outlets, electrical panel, and any other elements of your building’s electrical system.

What if I already completed the Hialeah 40 year Building inspection?

If your building in Hialeah is older than you are already following with the subsequent inspections every 10 years. The new Hialeah Building Safety Inspection program is the same when considering the requirements required. The new inspection program follows the same subsequent inspection schedule so you won’t need to worry about that. 

There is an additional inspection that you will be required to complete moving forward. The Structural Integrity Reserve Study is an additional inspection that examines the current condition of your building done by a qualified building inspector and gives you an estimated cost of repairing and maintaining your building. This new inspection was introduced with the new Senate Bill 4-D.

How do I know if my building in Hialeah requires a Building Safety inspection?

You must keep your contact information up to date because the City of Hialeah Building Department will send you a certified letter when your building is due for inspection. Whether you receive the letter or not it is your responsibility as a building owner, property manager, or association to keep your residents safe.

Let’s go over which buildings are required to complete the new Building Safety Inspection in Hialeah. If your building is 3,000 square feet or more and is 3 stories or higher you will be required to complete the inspection on your building. Not completing the inspection in time can result in fees from the City of Hialeah building department that start from $500 a day. 

You can request a one-time extension with the City of Hialeah building department which will cost you an additional $500 if it is approved. Although we try our best to keep you updated with the latest inspection requirements in Hialeah it is always recommended that you check with the Hialeah Building Department if you seek clarity regarding this new inspection program. 

To simplify this we have listed the City of Hialeah building department website and contact info below so you can reach out to them if your question was not answered in this article or if you want to double-check. On there you will find the City of Hialeah building department forms but if you hire us we take care of everything for you except submitting the final report to the city. 


501 Palm Avenue 2nd Floor Hialeah, FL 33010


[email protected]


7:30-11:30am & 12:30-3:15pm M-F

What buildings in Hialeah are exempt from the Building Safety Inspection?

Here is a list of Buildings which are exempt from completing the Hialeah Building Safety Inspection:

  • 1 to 2-story family dwellings
  • State of Florida buildings
  • US government buildings
  • Schools under the jurisdiction of Miami-Dade County School Board
  • Buildings built on indigenous tribe reservations
  • Any buildings under 3500 square feet

Which building inspectors are allowed to complete the Hialeah Building Inspection program?

The new Building Insption program is serious business. It was implemented after the tragedy that occurred at Champlain Towers. Due to its seriousness, it can only be performed by a Florida-licensed Engineer or architect. Either one of these professionals can carry out the BISP. As structural engineers, we have extensive knowledge of building construction and we also specialize in older buildings. 

The reason that a licensed engineer or architect is required is because the inspection report must be signed and sealed. This puts the Building Inspector’s professional licence on the line ensuring that your inspection is backed by a professional. The report must be signed and sealed otherwise the building department will not accept the report. 

What's the next step after the building inspector has sent me the inspection report?

Once the Engineer or Architect has finished your inspection you will receive a signed and sealed report with the findings of the inspection. If the Hialeah Building inspector did not find any problems with your Building then you can submit the clean report to the Hialeah Building Department and you are not required to revisit the inspection process for another 10 years. 

However, If the Building Inspector found some sort of structural or electrical problems such as concrete spalling, cracks in structural columns, or other structural or electrical problems then you are still required to submit the report to the Hialeah Building Department. If this is the case you need not worry as submitting the inspection report will get you an extension from the Hialeah Building department. This extension which is usually 160 days will allow you time to pull any necessary permits so you can address the issues found. 

Summary of the Hialeah Building Safety Inspection program

In Summary, the new Building Safety Inspection (BISP) remains very similar to the previous 40-year inspection program. The major changes are the initial inspection date as well as the new Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS Study). Of course, you still need to complete the Guard Rail inspection and parking lot illumination if you have one attached to your building. This public safety program is beneficial to everyone in Hialeah and will prevent catastrophes like the one that occurred in Surfside. 

It also provides help provide building owners, property managers, and HOAs with legal protection. When you have the signed and sealed plans in hand then the Engineer or architect is certifying that they did not find any structural or electrical problems. If someone is injured due to neglecting the condition of your building tenants can sue the owner so it is always best to keep things safe for everyone. 

Another benefit of these two building inspections is that you are constantly aware of your Building’s condition and can take actions to ensure it is up-to-date and not hazardous. This holds especially true for buildings near the ocean which can experience accelerated wear and tear. So keeping up with your building’s maintenance will save you thousands in the long run by not letting things get damaged to the point that the building needs to be demolished.

Give us a call today and let us serve as your city of hialeah building inspector. Our structural engineers have a 100% success rate and have completed thousands of inspections across South Florida.