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doral building inspection guide

Doral Building Recertification Guide

Doral is subject to the same Miami-Dade Building Inspection program as the rest of Miami Dade. The Safety Inspection Program plays a crucial role in the public safety program. This inspection program requires buildings that reach the 25-30 milestone to complete a recertification inspection in order to ensure the structural integrity of a building. According to the current Miami-Dade inspection requirements it also requires an electrical system inspection along with a parking lot illumination inspecion and guard rail inspection if applicable. 

Is the 40 year inspection still required in Doral?

After the collapse of the Champlain Towers in Surf Side, many new regulations were put in place. However, Miami-Dade already had a 40-year inspection program in place that exceeded the requirements outlined in the Building Safety Inspection program except for one thing. Instead of requiring Buildings to complete the inspection after 40 years the new regulation requires you to inspect the Building after 25 years or 30 years depending on how far your building is located from the coast. 

If your building is 3 stories or higher and is located less than 3 miles from the coast then you are required to complete the milestone inspection after 25 years. If your building is 3 stories or higher and you are more than 3 miles from the coast then the milestone inspection will be required after 30 years. Besides this the 10 year milestone inspection that was required after your first Building Inspection remains the same. Regardless of the time frame when you last got your building inspected you are required to complete a milestone inspection in Doral every 10 years.  

Why is there a Building Inspection program in Doral?

This Building Safety Inspection program is a Florida state-wide mandate that requires all Buildings that match certain criteria to complete a Building Inspection aka Building recertification. As discussed above the inspection is required by all buildings in Doral that are over 3 stories. The program is a public safety program that ensures Building Owners take actionable measures to keep their buildings safe. Although it may seem tedious it helps Building Owners keep their building up to date and keeps the Building’s crucial structural and electrical components safe for occupancy. 

The program does not check whether your building meets the current Building standards but solely focuses on the Safety and condition of a building’s infrastructure. In the inspection, crucial structural elements like Concrete Columns, Load Bearing Walls, and other structural elements are inspected by a licensed Engineer or Architect. 

Does my building in Doral Require a Building Inspection?

If your Building in Doral is more than 3 stories then it requires a Building Inspection as part of the South Florida Building Safety Inspection Program. There are some exceptions as discussed below but these are few and far between. The original South Florida Inspection program also known as the 40-year inspection required all buildings over 3 stories that reached the age of 40 to complete an inspection. The new requirement is every 30 years or 25 years depending on your proximity from the coast. 

Regardless of your Buildings age, you are required to complete a reinspection or milestone inspection every 10 years. These inspections are required for all buildings that are three stories or higher and have more than 3500 square feet. If you are unsure whether you need to submit the completed inspection to the county or to the Doral Building department you should refer back to the letter you received. 

As Doral Building Inspectors we will guide you on what forms to use and where to submit your completed inspection if you use us for your Building Safety Inspection. 

What is the Structural Integrity Reserve Study?

The Building Safety Inspection is not the only inspection that was introduced with SB-4D. The Structural Integrity Reserve Study is another requirement that was introduced with Senate Bill 4-D. The Doral Structural Integrity Reserve Study is also referred to as the SIRS Study. This new inspection requires a licensed Engineer to visually inspect your building and formulate an estimate of what it will cost to maintain or repair your building.

Does my building in Doral Require a Building Inspection?

Some of the buildings in Doral that are not required to carry out this inspection include the following. 

  • 1 to 2-story family dwellings
  • US government buildings
  • State of Florida buildings
  • Schools under the jurisdiction of Broward County School Board
  • Buildings built on indigenous tribe reservations
  • Any buildings under 3500 square feet

Which Doral Building Inspectors are Qualified to Complete these inspections?

The requirements for a Doral Building Inspector is the same as all of Florida. The inspector completing the inspection must be a licenced Engineer or Arhictect in order to sign and seal the inspection report. This rules out most home inspection companies you might find online however there are some home inspectors in Doral that can carry out these inspections if they have a licened Engineer or Arhictect within the company. 

What components are inspection during the doral Building Safety Inspection?

During the Building Safety Inspection program or Milestone Inspection program there are several components that will be inspected. In Miami-Dade, the elements are a structural inspection, electrical inspection, parking lot illumination inspection (if applicable), and guard rail inspection (if applicable). The structural inspection looks for cracks or concrete spalling in your building in order to check for any structural issues. The electrical inspection looks at your electrical panel and makes sure there are no potential electrical risks in your building. 

If you have a parking lot attached to your building then you will require the Parking lot illumination inspection as well as a Parking lot illumination inspection. These parking lot inspections check if there is sufficient lighting in your parking garage and also checks that your guard rails are in good working order and do not pose any risks should they be hit by a vehicle. 

How to schedule a Building Inspection in Doral?

So you recieved your Building Milestone Inspection from the city of Doral now what? If your ready to schedule your building inspection in Doral you have two options. You can call us and one of our Building Inspection Specialists will take your information and setup an appointment for an engineer to visit your building. The second method is by visiting our contact page and clicking on the quick inspection where you can get a quote for your inspection within 48 hours. 

Your done with your Doral building inspection, Now what?

Once we have completed the inspection process you can submit your signed and sealed inspection report to the Doral Building Department. Whether you passed or failed the inspection it is imperative to get the report submitted as soon as possible. Not sending in your report on time can cause you to accumulate fines and the report can be voided if it is not submitted in time.  If you did not pass the building inspection then you can still submit your report to recieve an extension from the Doral Building Department to address all of the issues found in the report. 

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Summary of the Doral Building Safety Inspection program

To summarize, the requirements of the Doral Building Safety Inspection program are as follows. If your building is three stories or more and is more than 3 miles from the coast you must complete the inspection after your Doral building reaches 30 years, If you are less than 3 miles from the coast you will need to complete the inspection on your Doral Building after 25 years. If you do not receive a letter we recommend contacting the Doral Building department to check whether you are required to complete the inspection. 

These laws are always changing so it is always best to check the Miami-Dade county website for the latest news and updates on these inspections. Although we always try to keep you updated with the latest Doral inspection requirements it is up to you to ensure you are following the correct guidelines. If you hire us for a Doral Building Inspection, our Engineers and Building Inspectors will ensure your reports are filed properly so you have no issues submitting the reports. 

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