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Detailed Sunrise Building Inspection Guide

The Sunrise Building Safety Inspection program is a public safety program that inspects the structural integrity of buildings as they mature. According to the previous requirements it was required when your building reached 40 years. Instead, the Sunrise 40-year inspection has now been replaced with a new inspection called the Sunrise Building Safety Inspection. 

Both residential condominiums and commercial structures in Sunrise are required by law to complete these building inspections. They are also required to be completed by a qualified Building Inspector. Not just any home inspection company is qualified to perform these building inspections. The new program is very similar to the old Sunrise 40-year inspection with some minor tweaks that will have a major impact on Building Owners, associations, and Property Managers across Sunrise, FL. 

In this article, we will review the old Sunrise 40-year inspection and discuss all of the new changes to the inspection laws as well as the additional inspections such as the Structural Integrity Reserve Study which is now required. Developing a comprehensive understanding of the Sunrise Building Safety Inspection Program is imperative for property owners, occupants, and stakeholders alike. By acquainting yourself with the recertification process, you can actively contribute to the preservation and safety of your property.

As one of Broward’s top building inspection companies, we have completed thousands of inspections with a 100% pass rate. If you received a letter from the Sunrise Building Department about your building needing a recertification give us a call. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the process and requirements. 

Why did the SUnrise Building recertification program change?

Following the tragic collapse of the Surfside condominium in June 2021, resulting in the loss of many lives, Florida implemented a new building safety inspection program. However, it’s worth noting that in Broward County, many of these requirements were already in place. The Champlain Towers collapse is one of the main factors that prompted adjustments to Sunrise’s 40-year recertification program.

While there were modifications in terms of inspection frequency, the Sunrise Building recertification/inspection program already met and exceeded all of the new requirements mandated by the new program, except for a few important changes. Additionally, it included supplementary inspections mandated solely by the Sunrise building department which include the Structural Integrity Reserve Study. 

Our building inspectors are also structural Engineers who have completed thousands of Building Inspections and are up to date with all of the new inspection laws in Sunrise. Although we try to update you with the latest news regarding Sunrise Building Inspections we always advise you to go to the source if you would like to verify any information regarding these inspections. For your convenience, we have listed the contact info for the Sunrise Building Department below. 


1607 NW 136th Ave, Sunrise, FL 33323

(954) 572-2354

What if I already completed The Sunrise 40 year recertification?

If you’ve already undergone the 40-year recertification in Sunrise, the core requirements remain unchanged, except for some new changes following the implementation of Senate Bill 4-D. You’re still obligated to fulfill the structural and electrical inspections. Should you be following the subsequent inspection schedule of conducting inspections every 10 years, you can continue with the same schedule.

The primary change in Sunrise’s new Building Safety Inspection program lies in the introduction of the Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS). This new inspection mandates a visual assessment of your building’s current condition. During the inspection, the Building Inspector will visually inspect your property and estimate the cost required for repairs and maintenance within Sunrise. This provision requires property managers, associations, and building owners to provide the necessary funds for future repair and maintenance.

What is inspected during the Sunrise Building inspections?

The Sunrise Building Safety inspection is composed of two parts. The structural inspection and the electrical inspection portion. A certified engineer or architect will inspect your building and determine if either the electrical or structural components of your building have any issues that could cause it to fail and injure someone. Remember that these inspections are not meant to check if your building is up to Sunrise’s current building codes but instead check to make sure the building is safe for occupancy and does not pose a risk to its residents and the surrounding areas. 

Some of the areas our Sunrise Building Inspectors will look at include the foundation, any masonry bearing walls, steel, wood, concrete framing systems & electrical services such as the fire safety system, and electrical panels. These areas are important whether you have a building that’s commercial or residential. Sunrise building department inspections can be complicated but we are experts in the field and are always happy to help you.

How do I know if I need a recertification for my building in Sunrise?

Any buildings located in Sunrise that are 3,500 square feet or more and are 3 stories or taller are required to complete this new building inspection. This includes any buildings that are attached to your building such as parking lots or warehouses. The Sunrise Building department will send you a certified letter when the time comes to get your inspection completed. 

That’s why it is important that you keep your mailing address up to date to ensure you receive the letter. Once you receive the letter you will have 90 days to complete the inspection or contact the building department if you need an extension for any reason. Depending on how many buildings you own the inspection process can take time so it is crucial to get started on the inspection as soon as possible. 

What buildings in Sunrise are exempt from the Building inspection program?

Although there are few buildings that do not require the new Building Safety Inspection, there are some that are exempt such as U.S. government buildings, state of Florida buildings, Indian reservations, school buildings under the Broward County school board, one or two-family story buildings, and minor structures under 3500 sq ft. 

How to submit your Sunrise Building Dept inspections?

Once you complete the Building Safety Inspection you will be required to submit the signed and sealed report to the Sunrise Building Department. Whether the Building Inspector found any issues with your building’s structural or electrical components you still need to submit the report. If there was nothing found and you have a clean report you will not be required to reinspect your building for another 10 years. It is imperative that you submit your report as soon as possible. Even if you have a clean report if you do not submit the report in time you can be penalized and possibly have to complete the whole process over again. 

If your inspection report did have some structural problems or your electrical system had issues then you will still need to submit the report. Once you do the Sunrise Building Department will issue you an extension so that you can pull the required permits and get to work on the repairs. It is crucial to get your signed and sealed inspection report to the Sunrise building department in time in order to avoid any penalties. Not submitting your report within the given time frame can cause you to accrue fines on your building starting from $500 a day.

Summary of the Sunrise Building inspections program

In this article, we covered all the changes that occurred from the Sunrise 40-year inspection to the new Building Safety Inspection program. We went over the requirements and what is required to successfully complete and submit your inspection report. Although these new building inspections can be a hassle and cost time and money they help ensure buildings are safe for everyone. The tragic event that happened in Surfside taught us what could happen if a building is neglected and not maintained properly. 

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