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benefits of hiring an Owners Representative in Florida

Benefits of Hiring an Owners Representative

So, you’ve chosen to finally start that construction project you have been planning for some time. You have the financing ready and off you go to find the best professionals to help you complete this project. You may be looking to interview designers, contractors, engineers, receive proposals, check references, etc… But there is an important step you should not overlook before all this, hiring an owner’s representative.

The owner’s representative, as the term suggests, is somebody that a building owner hires to help them oversee the entire project. They act as an extension to the client and work solely in their best interest. They generally deal with consultants, designers, contractors, and vendors and ultimately make sure that the owner’s interests are protected and the project moves forward seamlessly.

Benefits of Having an Owner’s Representative

There are numerous benefits of having an Owner’s Representative. The two that stand out the most for many owners are time and experience. Many building owners don’t necessarily have the time to supervise a building project. They may have other businesses or ventures to deal with. Also, experience matters when we are talking about a building project. Unless you know what to look for from the professionals doing the labor, it’s difficult to hold them accountable. Finding out that something was not being done right after it’s too late, can be a costly mistake. An owner’s rep dedicates their time to supervising a project so it is completed successfully. They generally also have ample experience in the construction field. Here at G. Batista Engineering & Construction we are well experienced and perform full engineering and construction services for many building projects. If you hire us as an Owner’s Representative, we won’t necessarily be doing the work, but we can certainly make sure it is done right. 

An owner’s representative should be well experienced with construction projects so they can take into consideration many aspects such as permits, vendor plans/approvals, Florida building code, inspection guidelines, budget considerations, and more. Not having an owner’s representative can ultimately be a time-consuming and expensive decision that can lead to project delays and disappointment. 

An owner’s representative should also be knowledgeable about technology and innovations in the field of construction. New advancements can be very beneficial to a building project. It is important to stay abreast of these changes. 

Regardless of whether you are renovating a building or starting a project from scratch. An owner’s representative can help your project go smoothly.

Owner’s Representative Services

There are many aspects to the services provided by an owner’s representative such as planning, coordination, and financial management and they all work hand in hand. The overall goal is to minimize the risk for the client and represent their interests before other parties. This is not always the case when you hire a construction company to perform the services. They will do what’s best for their company before the client and that is just how businesses run. Why not have someone who protects your interest and is not biased by the company they work for? 

Here are some examples of the types of services commonly performed by an owner’s representative: 

  • Project Planning
  • Review of drawings and project specs
  • Coordinate project meetings
  • Assist with regulatory approvals
  • Bidding and procurement services to find the best vendors
  • Review project deliverables
  • Project coordination between vendors
  • Assist with payment recommendations for vendor invoices
  • Assess design team
  • Analyze cost and manage budget
  • Monitor onsite construction activities
  • Resolution of disputes
  • Assess project schedules throughout 
  • Coordinate and oversee inspections throughout

Most people do not have the experience to manage a construction project. It takes a lot of experience to properly navigate through the maze that a construction project can be. This is why an owner’s representative makes sense for so many people. 

Here at G. Batista Engineering & Construction, we can help you as a project manager, also known as a construction manager, or owner’s representative. The cost depends on the size and complexity of the project. Other construction professionals prefer to be hired at a lump-sum monthly rate. In fact, these terms are typically negotiable to suit your needs. Either way, your Construction Consultant should provide you with a detailed breakdown of their duties and tasks. We are proud to be one of the few truly integrated design-build firms in South Florida where both engineering and construction services are performed in-house. So if you hire us, you can be sure you are getting a wealth of experience and expertise to help you manage your project.

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