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Averting Disaster At Your Building

About The Webinar

Greg Batista is South Florida’s top structural engineer and contractor. He has been the Engineer of Record and Contractor on thousands of jobs. For 30+ years he has been preaching about building safety. Media networks and people alike have been bombarding him with questions. He has put together a free webinar to help educate the public. 


This webinar will include:
✅ 1-hour seminar with south Florida’s top engineer, Greg Batista
✅ Attendance from South FL top attorney

Topics will be:
✅What can I do to avoid a disaster?
✅Is my building safe?
✅Protecting yourself with the proper insurance.

We will also include the following E-books for FREE ($150 value)
✅”Concrete Repair Guide For South Florida”
✅”Hiring An Engineer in South Florida”
✅ “40 Year Recertification Guide For South FL Properties”
✅ “Hiring an Owners Representative in Florida”

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Greg Batista has been featured on these networks as subject matter expert in the engineering field.

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Surfside Building Collapse

We are cooperating with the media to help educate everyone on our perspective as structural engineers. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families impacted by this tragedy.

We are overwhelmed with media requests. Please request an interview here. We will do our best to participate.

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