40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection

Serving Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties 

Greg Batista, South Florida’s top concrete and structural engineer. 

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40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection

Serving Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties 

Greg Batista, South Florida’s top concrete and structural engineer. 

G. Batista South Florida Engineering and Construction Star

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What you need to know about the 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection

Greg Batista explains what a 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection is and why it is important.

Greg Batista explains what a 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection is and why it is important.

The 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection (known as 40 year structural inspection) is required by law and is to ensure that buildings are structurally and electrically safe. Buildings must have the safety inspection performed by a structural engineer at 40 years of age from construction and every ten years thereafter per Miami-Dade and Broward county safety program. Enforcing building safety inspection as well as electrical safety inspection, this safety program helps minimize structural building failures, avert disaster and prevent significant financial losses.

Although the 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection can vary widely from professional to professional, there are certain basic items that can affect the cost. Either way, it is a good idea to understand what these potential issues are so you can discuss these with your engineer. Your engineer can provide you with a proposal once he has a good understanding of your building. Some engineers provide a price “per door” or per apartment.

Prices can range between $10 per door to $300 per door (depending on many factors). Others provide a price based on square footage. Still others take into consideration the location or the structure, its age, and even if it has a crawl space that he may have to squeeze into.

The short answer is “yes.” Since the law has changed the time frame from 40 years to 25 (or 30), then the name of the building safety inspection program also had to change.

Yes, we offer the 40-year structural inspections Fort Lauderdale requires for buildings and properties. Our team of certified professionals is well-equipped to perform these inspections in compliance with local regulations.

In addition to Fort Lauderdale, we also provide our services to property owners in Sunny Isles and surrounding areas of Miami-Dade and Broward county, ensuring that your property remains safe and adheres to the necessary building standards. Make sure to check your respective city and county for any additional details or requirements when it comes to structural and electrical safety, inspections and the recertification process.

Surfside Building Collapse

During the Surfside Condominium Collapse tragedy, we cooperated with the media to help educate everyone on our perspective as structural engineers and offered insights on preventing structural building failures. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families impacted by this tragedy.

The 40-year recertification building inspection (now referred to as a Milestone Inspection) is required by law and is to ensure that buildings are structurally and electrically safe and to prevent structural building failures.

Buildings must have this safety inspection performed periodically by a structural engineer when the building reaches a certain age (25 to 30 years) and every 10 years thereafter.

In May 2022, the Florida Legislature approved Senate Bill 4-D, introducing new stipulations for condominiums and co-op buildings with a height of three stories or more. This bill implements a comprehensive Milestone inspection program across the state, mandating that condominium and cooperative associations carry out crucial structural assessments and execute structural integrity reserve analyses.

These measures are in place to prevent future building failure and guarantee the continued safety and viability of condominium and cooperative structures. In the Milestone Inspections (formerly known as 40-Year Recertification Inspections), there are 2 phases.

Milestone Inspections


In accordance with Florida regulations, a licensed engineer or architect (not the property owner or the building manager) must carry out the essential structural and electrical safety inspections of condominium and co-op buildings. These inspections involve a thorough visual examination of the building’s primary structural components and systems to ensure their integrity and safety.

The main objective of these safety inspections is to identify any significant structural deterioration that could adversely impact the building’s overall condition, integrity, or the life-safety of its occupants, and lead to future building failure.

Building safety inspection reports must document any observed unsafe or dangerous conditions, structural building failures, electrical deficiencies as well as include a determination of any items that are an immediate threat and warrant further examination. Additionally, the reports should outline the required maintenance, necessary repairs, or replacements of structural components to maintain the building’s safety and stability.

It is important to note that the condominium or cooperative association bears full responsibility for covering the costs associated with conducting these milestone structural inspections. By ensuring the safety and integrity of these structures, residents can have peace of mind in their living spaces.

Milestone Inspections


In the event that a phase-one inspection, conducted by a Florida-licensed engineer or architect, deems a phase-two milestone inspection necessary, this subsequent building safety inspection may encompass various techniques.

These methods can include materials testing, probing, removal of finishes, or non-destructive testing approaches such as ground penetrating radar. The purpose of these inspections is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the building’s true structural condition.

Upon the completion of the phase-two milestone inspection, a detailed inspection report is to be compiled. This report should outline the specific methods and types of inspections performed, as well as clearly indicate if any unsafe or dangerous conditions were observed (including structural or electrical deficiencies).

Furthermore, the report must identify and describe the extent of any considerable structural deterioration, along with providing recommendations for maintenance, necessary repairs, or replacement of structural components as needed.

If the required repairs are not initiated within a year following the submission of the phase-two safety inspection report, the local municipal authority is obliged to assess whether the building is safe for continued occupancy. By following these procedures and adhering to the established timelines, the safety and well-being of occupants within these buildings can be effectively maintained.

The table below provides a guide as to the deadlines for these inspections depending on the age and distance from the Coastline:

Need a 40 year / Milestone Inspection? Ask G. Batista
Need a 40 year / Milestone Inspection? Ask G. Batista
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Why do I have to do a 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection

You might be asking yourself why one needs to do this 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection (formerly known as the 40 year structural inspection and recertification). The answer comes down to one word “safety.” These 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection are required by law for every building owner and are enforced in order to keep buildings safe. These inspections contain a list of certain items that must be thoroughly investigated and checked.

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What do the 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection involve?

On the surface, the inspection is rather simple. But, although seemingly straightforward, it takes an experienced professional to perform the inspection. That person must carefully inspect the property, as well as the electrical portion and properly identify the problems. The inspector can also provide you with valuable feedback as to the best way to perform the repairs.

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I know I need the 40 Year Recertification / Milestone Inspection. What do I do now?

You must hire a licensed professional as required by law. You should invest some time investigating the person and the company. You must also make sure they are properly authorized and insured. Also, you should ask if they have insurance of Errors and Omissions, since this is the seal of a serious and established engineering company.

Have questions?

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If you are looking at other companies that provide this important inspection service so future building failure can be prevented, ask them…

  • Do they provide the Structural AND Electrical inspection and expertise IN-HOUSE?…. We DO! – This keeps our costs low since we don’t have to subcontract these services to others.

  • Do they provide a list of repairs (if needed) included in the same price?…. We Do!

  • Do they provide IN-HOUSE structural and electrical professionals that can provide recommendations for repairs (if needed)?… We Do!

  • Have they been performing these inspections for more than a decade?… We Have!

  • Do they have a long list of Satisfied Customers which can be called as a referral?… We Do!

  • Do they have full-time certified inspectors and full-time Professional Engineers on Staff?… We Do!

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G. Batista South Florida Engineering and Construction Star

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I had a great experience with this firm. Provided an immediate appointment for my clients that were in a pinch with time constraints regarding their inspection period for a home purchase. They delivered fast, detailed, and professional service. Explained findings in understandable language so that my customers could be confident on what was on the inspection report. I recommend highly their services. Thanks Greg for all your help!

Alex Novoa, Google Reviews

I am so impressed with the service that we received from this company!! Seamless……..Showed up for Structural and Electrical inspection on time.
Completed the inspection while being aware of the various retail establishments needs during the inspection. Advised us what was needed by the City of Fort Lauderdale for completion of certification – filing, filing fees and their address.

Brenda Kegley, Google Review

G Batista and Associates is a very reliable company. They are honest people with excellent communication skills with their customers and deep knowledge of what they do. This company did a big project for my condo in South Beach, they were impeccable.

Susan Omil, Google Review

G. Batista & Associates helped us with an inspection on one of our properties. They accommodated our short inspection time frame and made scheduling extremely simple. Our experience with the engineer was fantastic and I would highly recommend this company to others.

Albie Caruana, Google Review

Great people to deal with. Very professional team, excellent communication, prompt results.
We used them for a 40 Year Certification and not only they gave us the best proposal, but also a fast response and great service. Highly recommend it!

Cristina A, Google Review

We have been working with G. Batista & Associates for over 4 years. They have been easy to work with. We would highly recommend them to any Condominium Association looking for competent, affordable and professional Engineering services.

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